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Updated 9 June 2010: Life unclogged.

Messed up, is what I would use to describe my cur­rent state of life.

Many things around me seem bro­ken and stale. Not only phys­i­cally but also psychologically.

To explain this, I’ll have to start from the beginning.

First, the sink in the kitchen was clogged, which makes it impos­si­ble to clean the kitchen area, which in turn, makes me lazy to clean the wash­room as well, and even­tu­ally leads to lack of moti­va­tion to clean my room, of which has not been cleaned for more than two months now.

Then, There were some per­for­mance and sta­bil­ity issues with my iMac at home, which in turn, makes me reluc­tant to clean up the mess of my pho­tos, movies and music albums, which leads to lack of moti­va­tion to backup my iMac to the exter­nal hard drive, of which was given to me as my birth­day present two months ago.

Not only that, there are more messed up things like a list of unfin­ished jobs at work, tons of expired food in my drawer, piles of messy unfolded clothes in my room, loads of un-imported pic­tures in my cam­era, list of unex­e­cuted exer­cise rou­tines and list of unfin­ished blog posts still in draft.

One thing leads to another. By the time when I want to tidy up the whole mess, I just don’t know how to start.

At the end, igno­rance is bliss. I’ll spend my whole day watch­ing my favourite drama in my comfy bed or I’ll just sleep my day through.

I seri­ously don’t know why is this hap­pen­ing or how this started.

But this is bad. Like seri­ously bad bad. Imag­ine Bey­once talk­ing to Lady Gaga, “you’ve been a very bad girl, a very, very, bad bad girl Gaga.” Ok out of topic.

Some­thing needs to be done to clear up the mess. You might think I’m stu­pid but some­how I believe that the key to clear up all this mess lies in the clogged sink in the kitchen.

Maybe unclog­ging the sink sym­bol­ises unclog­ging my life. Should the sink is unclogged once and for all, life will flow again.


This post is about Life

This post has 12 comments


CommentNo. 1

Ed12 May 20103:20 AM

but Life goes on…
so keep it up and good luck~ :)

CommentNo. 2

max12 May 20109:11 AM

I think it’s ok to be lazy for awhile la…

CommentNo. 3

Ervin Ter12 May 201010:13 AM

1 — List your Going-To-Do tasks in a paper.
2 — Do one by one (Tar­get one day fin­ish one task)

Note: Don’t mix up your work­ing and per­sonal life together.

CommentNo. 4

Kopi Ais12 May 201010:23 AM

Ervin Ter: doing that. but there’s cer­tain point of time that you just couldn’t fig­ure out what to do next even the to-do-list is in front of you.

Denslee: should i high-five to you… –__–
I need some­thing to hold my focus!

CommentNo. 5

Ted12 May 201011:19 AM

You don’t loom stu­pid. It’s a race where both the start­ing & end­ing point is the same. So if you could solve that, you’re free of mis­ery for now until the next phase comes. Kudos, do it.

Author’s CommentNo. 6

Den­nis Lee12 May 201012:04 PM

Yeah life is still going on… just an unpro­duc­tive one…

Maybe it’s just me, I think it’s bad because it’s a waste of time.

@Ervin Ter
I knew one way to tackle this is to list down the things but some­times I just for­got. Thanks for the advice.

@Kopi Ais
Agree!!! Actu­ally I have so many aban­doned to-do-lists all over the place. In my Netvibes page, my iPhone and my diary. Hahaha… *high-five*

I guess you’re right. It’s just another bot­tle neck. Time heals. Will see…

CommentNo. 7

Pete12 May 20106:24 PM

My dear sink, from my point of view, you are expe­ri­enc­ing burned out.

Every human expe­ri­ence that once a while, doing noth­ing but fun things we love to do. Unclog sink is an excuse. Unclog­ging the sink won’t trans­fer your files or update your post. unclog­ging the sink won’t check your to do list. Unclog sink is an excuse. To get you going I think the best solu­tion is your sur­round­ing influ­ences, and the best way to improve that is your best friend, Kevin.

Till now, both of you did a tremen­dous job in get­ting each other on the track to suc­cess. I won­der some­times if you two are into each other too. Hahah. But with a sim­ple plumb­ing phone call by Kevin will get you back on your track. If you allowed me, I will call the plumber for you too.

So don’t let the sink stop you. You had a great 2008, awe­some 2009, and please make 2010 the best year in your life!

(I stand­ing by in cor­po­rate now, got noth­ing to do so I reply you soooo long!!! Hahah. Boring!!!!!!!!)

CommentNo. 8

Swee Ping12 May 201011:04 PM

Peter: You are just so hilar­i­ous! The mes­sage was so moti­vat­ing but at end is potong stim 😛

Den­nis: Guess Im not the only one with expired food in draw­ers 😛 or in clean­ing my room.…

If you think unplug­ging the sink will gets you to work on other things, then unplug it to get the sym­bolic feel. Some­times it is like that. For me, some­times it is the sym­bolic feel. How­ever, you will still need to work on the things on your own, with a lit­tle help from your besties which I’m sure they are more than happy to do so :-)

Kopi­ais: Your room is so NEAT lo if com­pared to mine!

CommentNo. 9

smashpOp13 May 20109:48 AM

chill chill slowly lor. im going thru a down­time cur­rently also. fam­ily n work. yikes :S

Author’s CommentNo. 10

Den­nis Lee13 May 20103:07 PM

Thanks Peter!!! Your com­ment does moti­vate me a lit­tle :) Help me call­ing the plumber that’s it? I thought you want to become my dear pump :p

@Swee Ping
Maybe it’s my inner cleana­holic and per­fec­tion­ist habit. Can’t help hahaha…

All the best to you too man. Let’s catch up sometimes.

CommentNo. 11

alvink21 May 20106:36 PM

hey, popped by. am sure life is much more than just being messed up! =] stay cool and calm. am sure you can!

Author’s CommentNo. 12

Den­nis Lee21 May 20107:09 PM

Thanks for drop­ping by alvink.

Yeah life is more than just being messed up. We have to deal with frus­tra­tion, pres­sure, con­fu­sion, expec­ta­tion, respon­si­bil­i­ties, lia­bil­i­ties and the list goes on. Kid­ding… hahaha. I’m cool. Thanks for concern.

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