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Messed up

Updated 9 June 2010:Β Life unclogged.

Messed up, is what I would use to describe my current state of life.

Many things around me seem broken and stale. Not only physically but also psychologically.

To explain this, I’ll have to start from the beginning.

First, the sink in the kitchen was clogged, which makes it impossible to clean the kitchen area, which in turn, makes me lazy to clean the washroom as well, and eventually leads to lack of motivation to clean my room, of which has not been cleaned for more than two months now.

Then, There were some performance and stability issues with my iMac at home, which in turn, makes me reluctant to clean up the mess of my photos, movies and music albums, which leads to lack of motivation to backup my iMac to the external hard drive, of which was given to me as my birthday present two months ago.

Not only that, there are more messed up things like a list of unfinished jobs at work, tons of expired food in my drawer, piles of messy unfolded clothes in my room, loads of un-imported pictures in my camera, list of unexecuted exercise routines and list of unfinished blog posts still in draft.

One thing leads to another. By the time when I want to tidy up the whole mess, I just don’t know how to start.

At the end, ignorance is bliss. I’ll spend my whole day watching my favourite drama in my comfy bed or I’ll just sleep my day through.

I seriously don’t know why is this happening or how this started.

But this is bad. Like seriously bad bad. Imagine Beyonce talking to Lady Gaga, “you’ve been a very bad girl, a very, very, bad bad girl Gaga.” Ok out of topic.

Something needs to be done to clear up the mess. You might think I’m stupid but somehow I believe that the key to clear up all this mess lies in the clogged sink in the kitchen.

Maybe unclogging the sink symbolises unclogging my life. Should the sink is unclogged once and for all, life will flow again.

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  1. Ed Ed

    but Life goes on…
    so keep it up and good luck~ πŸ™‚

  2. max max

    I think it’s ok to be lazy for awhile la…

  3. 1 – List your Going-To-Do tasks in a paper.
    2 – Do one by one (Target one day finish one task)

    Note: Don’t mix up your working and personal life together.

  4. Ervin Ter: doing that. but there’s certain point of time that you just couldn’t figure out what to do next even the to-do-list is in front of you.

    Denslee: should i high-five to you… -__-
    I need something to hold my focus!

  5. Ted Ted

    You don’t loom stupid. It’s a race where both the starting & ending point is the same. So if you could solve that, you’re free of misery for now until the next phase comes. Kudos, do it.

  6. @Ed
    Yeah life is still going on… just an unproductive one…

    Maybe it’s just me, I think it’s bad because it’s a waste of time.

    @Ervin Ter
    I knew one way to tackle this is to list down the things but sometimes I just forgot. Thanks for the advice.

    @Kopi Ais
    Agree!!! Actually I have so many abandoned to-do-lists all over the place. In my Netvibes page, my iPhone and my diary. Hahaha… *high-five*

    I guess you’re right. It’s just another bottle neck. Time heals. Will see…

  7. Pete Pete

    My dear sink, from my point of view, you are experiencing burned out.

    Every human experience that once a while, doing nothing but fun things we love to do. Unclog sink is an excuse. Unclogging the sink won’t transfer your files or update your post. unclogging the sink won’t check your to do list. Unclog sink is an excuse. To get you going I think the best solution is your surrounding influences, and the best way to improve that is your best friend, Kevin.

    Till now, both of you did a tremendous job in getting each other on the track to success. I wonder sometimes if you two are into each other too. Hahah. But with a simple plumbing phone call by Kevin will get you back on your track. If you allowed me, I will call the plumber for you too.

    So don’t let the sink stop you. You had a great 2008, awesome 2009, and please make 2010 the best year in your life!

    (I standing by in corporate now, got nothing to do so I reply you soooo long!!! Hahah. Boring!!!!!!!!)

  8. Swee Ping Swee Ping

    Peter: You are just so hilarious! The message was so motivating but at end is potong stim πŸ˜›

    Dennis: Guess Im not the only one with expired food in drawers πŸ˜› or in cleaning my room….

    If you think unplugging the sink will gets you to work on other things, then unplug it to get the symbolic feel. Sometimes it is like that. For me, sometimes it is the symbolic feel. However, you will still need to work on the things on your own, with a little help from your besties which I’m sure they are more than happy to do so πŸ™‚

    Kopiais: Your room is so NEAT lo if compared to mine!

  9. chill chill slowly lor. im going thru a downtime currently also. family n work. yikes :S

  10. @Pete
    Thanks Peter!!! Your comment does motivate me a little πŸ™‚ Help me calling the plumber that’s it? I thought you want to become my dear pump :p

    @Swee Ping
    Maybe it’s my inner cleanaholic and perfectionist habit. Can’t help hahaha…

    All the best to you too man. Let’s catch up sometimes.

  11. hey, popped by. am sure life is much more than just being messed up! =] stay cool and calm. am sure you can!

  12. Thanks for dropping by alvink.

    Yeah life is more than just being messed up. We have to deal with frustration, pressure, confusion, expectation, responsibilities, liabilities and the list goes on. Kidding… hahaha. I’m cool. Thanks for concern.

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