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My life was messed up last month. And I com­plained about lots of undone stuffs.

Well, I can now proudly say that the dark age is finally over and day­light has come back to shine on this land once again. Once a shad­owed era will soon be gone and there will rise a new empire that will change the his­tory of mankind once and for all.

Kid­ding. Inspired by Prince of Per­sia. It was really a good movie.

But things are cer­tainly chang­ing. I’ve actu­ally com­pleted most of the things I com­plained. Here’s the list of com­pleted things.

  • I’ve thrown away all the expired food in my drawer.
  • I’ve cleaned my room
  • I’ve cleaned the bathroom
  • I’ve imported all the pic­tures and posted most of them
  • I’ve backed-up my computer
  • I’ve signed-up for the gym (for 30 days) and started my marathon training

I have even started to work on a per­sonal project (no, not free­lance, it’s some­thing for myself) which I’m very excited about. I will announce what is it in time when things become more concrete.

Okay you might start ask­ing, “how bout the sink?”

Yes the sink is finally unclogged with the help from my house owner. And also a big thank you to Kevin who actu­ally cleaned the sink so thor­oughly now it looks like a brand new mirror.

How­ever, unclog­ging the sink wasn’t the first thing done. In fact, it was the last thing done.

Well, I guess many of you were right. A clogged sink has noth­ing to do with how I live my life.

I’m sorry sink I’ve put all the blame on you, it was all my fault. Don’t hate me please, I will use you more often now.

So if it’s not about unclog­ging the sink, what have I done to unclog my life?

Break­ing the com­fort zone.

It all started one day when I told myself enough is enough. I forced myself to get out of the room and headed to a nearby com­mu­nity park to have a jog, even though I knew I have less than 20 mins to jog before the sun sets.

It was my first time being at the park. By the time I reached there, it was already 7PM. Try­ing to catch every sin­gle sun­light still avail­able, I ran non-stop for the next 20 mins.

Dur­ing that short run, I’ve actu­ally seen dif­fer­ent peo­ple, dif­fer­ent scener­ies and I almost felt like I was breath­ing dif­fer­ent air. I felt good.

Since then, things started to change and I’ve slowly crossed out items on my list one by one. And not for­get­ting to men­tion that exer­cise and proper rest increase energy level.

Isn’t it our life is the same? We slowly build our com­fort zone by doing the same thing over and over again. Sooner or later, we will be bored of what we are doing and even­tu­ally life will stop flowing.

When that hap­pens, take some time off and try to do some­thing out­side of the com­fort zone.

You might see things dif­fer­ently and who knows that would be just the needed force to push through the clogged pipe.

P/S: One more thing, if you ever encounter clogged pipe in the future, and if you tried using drain clean­ing solu­tion, plunger or hot water and still not work­ing, try get­ting a spi­ral pipe clean­ing rod and stick it all the way down and most prob­a­bly, your prob­lem will be gone.


This post is about Life

This post has 10 comments


CommentNo. 1

Kopi Ais9 June 20108:55 AM

finally heh.…
arggg i need to train >_<

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis Lee9 June 201011:01 AM

Yeap finally… but when I finally fixed some­thing in life, some­thing else started to brake again… sigh… this is just life…

You should def­i­nitely start train­ing now… just so you know we have only 17 days left before the day comes…

CommentNo. 3

Ted9 June 20102:25 PM

Well done mate 😉 Now it looks like you’re all set for life and both KL & SG Marathon.

Author’s CommentNo. 4

Den­nis Lee9 June 20103:02 PM

Thanks mate :)

Er… I’m sorry but I’m afraid you have to run the Sin­ga­pore Marathon alone this time. The reg­is­tra­tion has closed yesterday :(

I can go there to sup­port you though.

CommentNo. 5

Ted9 June 20103:59 PM

reg­is­tra­tion close? sure not? it’s only June now.

Author’s CommentNo. 6

Den­nis Lee9 June 20106:20 PM

Yalor so fast already full. right? I saw the announce­ment yesterday.

CommentNo. 7

Ted9 June 201011:11 PM

Yeah so sad, now I have to run alone. Damn.

CommentNo. 8

peter14 June 201010:33 PM

Hey, good to see this post!!! I’m happy for you. =)

What you say is so true on the com­fort zone! That’s why our coun­try move so slow, coz most of the peo­ple too com­fort with their live and our gov­ern­ment pam­pered them too much with extra benefits.

Any­way, lets put on turbo for the remain­ing months of 2010.

CommentNo. 9

Sean18 June 20101:26 AM

Yeah!it’s 18th of June, twelve days to go before July started. Den­nis, time flies, live our life to the fullest. Cheers!

Author’s CommentNo. 10

Den­nis Lee18 June 201010:03 AM

Thanks Peter. Let’s go full-force for the rest of the year! Where’s your

Wah… so sien every time some­one reminds me time flies so fast. But it’s so true, time’s not gonna wait for any­one. *Chang­ing gear*

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