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I think it’s been more than a year since I last vis­ited Tony Roma’s. Thanks to Sophea’s birth­day I had the chance to revisit the restau­rant at Sun­way Pyra­mid again.

The price as we know, is higher than aver­age restau­rants out there. Like my friend said to me in Can­tonese, “Tony Roma means 汤你老妈 (lit­er­ally means killing your mother)”.

But of course, you pay for what you get. The food is scrump­tiously delicious.

Chicken Ten­der­loin Plat­ter (RM28.90) served with French fries, coleslaw and honey mustard.

The Chicken Ten­der­loin is crispy on the out­side, ten­der on the inside. It’s aro­matic and full of flavours, a must-try dish.

Grill Cod­fish (RM39.90) served with tomato pesto salad, broc­co­lis and rice.

Grill Cod­fish, sweet, tangy and fresh. The thing with seafood is, as long as it is fresh, it will taste good no mat­ter how you do it.

Grill Shrimps and ribs (RM49.90) served with tomato pesto salad, French fries and honey mustard.

How­ever, we didn’t get the same fresh­ness for the shrimps. And the ribs that came together weren’t that ten­der as well.

But hold your thought, the next dish is going to make it up to every­thing else.

Ribs and Steak (RM55.90) served with broc­co­lis and baked potato.

The sig­na­ture world famous bar­be­cue beef ribs and steak are absolutely fan­tas­tic! The juicy, ten­der and sweet beef will just melt once you put the meat into your mouth.

Munch­ing on those deli­cious beef brings you the sat­is­fac­tion no words can really describe. If I ever come back again, this will be the reason.

The ribs and steaks are not com­plete with­out their sig­na­ture sauces.

Mary explain­ing the dif­fer­ent sig­na­ture sauces to us.

They are so proud of their sig­na­ture sauces they even had to explain to us the taste of dif­fer­ent sauces they have (Orig­i­nal, Car­olina Hon­eys, Blue Ridge Smok­ies and Tony Roma’s Red Hots).

They have some really good ribs and steaks there. If they claim them­selves to be the rib experts, I def­i­nitely concur.


This post is about Food

This post has 3 comments


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My pho­tos get­ting more and more ink?

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