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I shot a bear. Not a real bear but a big, soft and fluffy teddy bear.

In order to learn how to use the new Nikon Speed­light SB-900, I did some quick setup in the liv­ing room and shot some pic­tures of a teddy bear I bor­rowed from Kevin.

Teddy bear

It was my first time shoot­ing with a remote speed­light through an umbrella. My setup was fairly sim­ple and clas­sic — white back­ground, speed­light on the right and a reflec­tor on the left.

Bed­sheet as the back­ground, remote speed­light on the right and white card­board as the reflec­tor on the left.

First few shots were all fail­ures as I have no idea how to make use of a remote speed­light. After exper­i­ment­ing for while, things started to become clear.

Exper­i­ment with remote speed­light. Fail fail fail fail.

I then started to exper­i­ment with dif­fer­ent light­ing. First I took a few shots with­out the umbrella just to see what’s the outcome.

Left: Speed­light from 45 degrees. Right: Speed­light from approx­i­mately 22 degrees.

Like what I’ve expected, direct speed­light pro­duced harsh shad­ows which is not what I wanted.

After that, I put on the shoot-through umbrella and tried posi­tion the speed­light from dif­fer­ent directions.

Left: Speed­light from the top. Right: Speed­light from 45 degrees.

Speed­light from the top over­ex­posed the hair while Speed­light from 45 degrees evenly exposed the sub­ject, but in-turn, mak­ing it looks flat.

I then pushed the speed­light a lit­tle bit fur­ther to approx­i­mately 22 degrees from the sub­ject and sud­denly the shadow between the hair gave the teddy bear more con­trast, depth and tex­tures as you can see from the pic­ture below.

Final shot with speed­light com­ing from 22 degrees from the subject.

I set­tled with this pic­ture and brought it into Pho­to­shop for post pro­cess­ing. After back­ground removal, colour bal­ance, level adjust­ment, increase con­trast and some other touch-ups, I finally have my final image.

Post-processed final image.

I’ve learned a lot dur­ing the process espe­cially in set­ting the back­ground. Firstly, using a cloth as the back­ground pro­duced a lot of unwanted shadow which makes it dif­fi­cult to remove it in post. Sec­ondly, I should’ve used another reflec­tor to lighten up the back­ground so that shad­ows can be reduced.

It’s not per­fect but I think I’m happy with what I got from my first attempt at flash photography.


This post is about Photography

This post has 5 comments


CommentNo. 1

Ted16 July 201011:25 AM

i love bears, nice shot. you gotta teach us now.

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis Lee16 July 201012:03 PM

Thanks! Now you know why I bought the umbrella :) Lets go do some out­door por­traits soon.

CommentNo. 3

Ted16 July 201012:50 PM

Can use umbrel­las in my car? 😛 Yeap, I need to shoot some­thin des­per­ately, lol. Be it por­trait or land­scape any­thing goes.

CommentNo. 4

Zen29 July 201011:27 PM

omg.…i want it tooo~~~ den­nis, nice one!!

Author’s CommentNo. 5

Den­nis Lee30 July 201012:39 AM

Hahaha… thanks… actu­ally very dif­fi­cult to find one like this lor… and it’s not cheap…

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