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I took a lot of pic­tures recently but I couldn’t process them because my iMac is still in the workshop :(

Thanks to Kevin for lend­ing me his old Mac­Book or else I would died of boredom.

While I was brows­ing through Flickr, I saw a very nice photo col­lage. I got inspired and wanted to try it out myself.

I dug out some old pho­tos of friends and col­leagues taken with my iPhone, added some vin­tage effects and arrange them nicely in Photoshop.

Clock­wise from top left: Kevin, Max, Richie, Ted, Peter, Reuben, Sophea and Tim.

After I’m done, it got me think­ing, some­times, pho­tog­ra­phy is really not about megapixel, aper­ture or ISO. When we go back to basic, what really mat­ters is noth­ing else but the peo­ple that we want to remember.

After­all, pho­tog­ra­phy is all about pre­serv­ing mem­o­ries. And you can do that even with the shit­ti­est cam­era (of course I’m not refer­ring to iPhone, I love my iPhone).

P/S: Vin­tage effects added using lo-mob for iPhone.


This post is about Photography

This post has 11 comments


CommentNo. 1

kopiais27 July 20109:40 AM

“..what really mat­ters is noth­ing else but the peo­ple that we want to remember.”

i read this post while they were play­ing the song “the moment like this” by leona lewis.

*tearing-eyes* so touch.

CommentNo. 2

Ted27 July 201011:09 AM

nice post, and love the lomo feel. why is richie smokin? lol

Author’s CommentNo. 3

Den­nis Lee27 July 201012:29 PM

So emo meh… but I like the song “the moment like this” :)

Hehe thanks. Richie wasn’t smok­ing lah… he’s a good boy, he was just pos­ing for me to shoot… hahaha… you were pos­ing also only right?

CommentNo. 4

Ted27 July 20101:23 PM

Ice­Cof­fee: I know why, partly because of the cloudy weather these days.

Denslee: oh, nev­er­the­less he’s a bad boy, pfft.

CommentNo. 5

Ted27 July 20101:25 PM

and Peter look so so inno­cent with a frag­ile kind heart type of guy. Sophea is always hold­ing onto a cof­fee cup, lol.

Author’s CommentNo. 6

Den­nis Lee27 July 201010:36 PM

Hahaha… innocent-fragile-kind-hearted… nice descrip­tion! It’s a rare pic­ture of him, very valuable 😉

But Sophea was hav­ing kopi panas… should change her name to kopipanas…

CommentNo. 7

Kopi Ais28 July 20106:09 AM

Ted: i’m not a party peo­ple la…
Den­nis: not emo, it brought up more feel­ing. and kopi panas not nice la… i is Kopi Ais~~

p.s. that was when before pete cut his hair‘

CommentNo. 8

Kopi Ais28 July 20106:11 AM

Ted: ooo i got up too early… i see “partly” as “party”…
okok… it’s the weather…XD

CommentNo. 9

Ted28 July 20108:49 AM

Kopi­ais: yeah I like that too & coke panas.
Den­nis: I want to be like Peter!

CommentNo. 10

Desmond1 December 201011:49 PM

hi fren. ur using nikon d90? cn share some skill?? haha. bout potrait.

Author’s CommentNo. 11

Den­nis Lee2 December 20101:37 AM

Hi Desmond,

Yes I’m using Nikon D90.

Share some skills on por­trait ar? Hmmm… or how bout you ask me ques­tions and I see if I can answer you back?

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