I took a lot of pictures recently but I couldn’t process them because my iMac is still in the workshop 🙁

Thanks to Kevin for lending me his old MacBook or else I would died of boredom.

While I was browsing through Flickr, I saw a very nice photo collage. I got inspired and wanted to try it out myself.

I dug out some old photos of friends and colleagues taken with my iPhone, added some vintage effects and arrange them nicely in Photoshop.

Clockwise from top left: Kevin, Max, Richie, Ted, Peter, Reuben, Sophea and Tim.

After I’m done, it got me thinking, sometimes, photography is really not about megapixel, aperture or ISO. When we go back to basic, what really matters is nothing else but the people that we want to remember.

Afterall, photography is all about preserving memories. And you can do that even with the shittiest camera (of course I’m not referring to iPhone, I love my iPhone).

P/S: Vintage effects added using lo-mob for iPhone.


kopiais 27 July 2010

“..what really mat­ters is noth­ing else but the peo­ple that we want to remember.”

i read this post while they were playing the song “the moment like this” by leona lewis.

*tearing-eyes* so touch.

Ted 27 July 2010

nice post, and love the lomo feel. why is richie smokin? lol

Dennis Lee 27 July 2010

So emo meh… but I like the song “the moment like this” 🙂

Hehe thanks. Richie wasn’t smoking lah… he’s a good boy, he was just posing for me to shoot… hahaha… you were posing also only right?

Ted 27 July 2010

IceCoffee: I know why, partly because of the cloudy weather these days.

Denslee: oh, nevertheless he’s a bad boy, pfft.

Ted 27 July 2010

and Peter look so so innocent with a fragile kind heart type of guy. Sophea is always holding onto a coffee cup, lol.

Dennis Lee 27 July 2010

Hahaha… innocent-fragile-kind-hearted… nice description! It’s a rare picture of him, very valuable 😉

But Sophea was having kopi panas… should change her name to kopipanas…

Kopi Ais 28 July 2010

Ted: i’m not a party people la…
Dennis: not emo, it brought up more feeling. and kopi panas not nice la… i is Kopi Ais~~

p.s. that was when before pete cut his hair`

Kopi Ais 28 July 2010

Ted: ooo i got up too early… i see “partly” as “party”…
okok… it’s the weather…XD

Ted 28 July 2010

Kopiais: yeah I like that too & coke panas.
Dennis: I want to be like Peter!

Desmond 1 December 2010

hi fren. ur using nikon d90? cn share some skill?? haha. bout potrait.

Dennis Lee 2 December 2010

Hi Desmond,

Yes I’m using Nikon D90.

Share some skills on portrait ar? Hmmm… or how bout you ask me questions and I see if I can answer you back?

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