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Star­craft II, one of the most antic­i­pated games in the world has finally arrived in all its glory.

Too bad my com­puter is still in the work­shop… argh…!!!

Never mind, since I can­not play, let’s take some pic­tures of the boxes, let’s do some light paint­ing! I’ve always wanted to do light paint­ing for quite some time already.

The Evil Unleashed — Star­craft II light painting.

The setup is rel­a­tively easy com­pare to other types of pho­to­shoot. All I need is a sub­ject (Star­craft II boxes here) and a light source (I used a multi-LED torch­light). Once the setup is done, switch off all the lights, release the shut­ter for 10 sec­onds and start swing­ing the torch­light here and there. The hard­est part of all is to try to get a nice ran­dom pat­tern of the lights.

I took over 40 shots and I am most sat­is­fied with the shot above. I really like how the pic­ture turned out. It looks like some spir­its unleashed from the boxes and fly­ing around.

So I named this picture,

“The Evil Unleashed”.

Can’t wait for my com­puter to be back this Fri­day (hope­fully). Until then, let the war begins!

P/S: I’ve updated my blog footer (scroll down) with pho­tos from my Flickr. How is it? Please refresh if things don’t look right.


This post is about Photography

This post has 5 comments


CommentNo. 1

Max29 July 201010:59 AM

ye you play game one meh

CommentNo. 2

Ted29 July 201011:15 AM

very cool indeed. how bout doin some light paintin for star wars? green, blue, red :)

Author’s CommentNo. 3

Den­nis Lee29 July 201011:24 AM

What’s with the “ye”? Can­not meh? I do play games 1… some­times… selectively…

Haha… I don’t have 3 hands lor…

CommentNo. 4

Ted29 July 201012:19 PM

lol, i’ve got 2 hands here.

CommentNo. 5

Dan25 August 201010:41 PM

Hahahha been play­ing day and night. When u want to join me Der­rick n Kevin for the game ?

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