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Starcraft II

Starcraft II, one of the most anticipated games in the world has finally arrived in all its glory.

Too bad my computer is still in the workshop… argh…!!!

Never mind, since I cannot play, let’s take some pictures of the boxes, let’s do some light painting! I’ve always wanted to do light painting for quite some time already.

The Evil Unleashed - Starcraft II light painting.

The setup is relatively easy compare to other types of photoshoot. All I need is a subject (Starcraft II boxes here) and a light source (I used a multi-LED torchlight). Once the setup is done, switch off all the lights, release the shutter for 10 seconds and start swinging the torchlight here and there. The hardest part of all is to try to get a nice random pattern of the lights.

I took over 40 shots and I am most satisfied with the shot above. I really like how the picture turned out. It looks like some spirits unleashed from the boxes and flying around.

So I named this picture,

“The Evil Unleashed”.

Can’t wait for my computer to be back this Friday (hopefully). Until then, let the war begins!

P/S: I’ve updated my blog footer (scroll down) with photos from my Flickr. How is it? Please refresh if things don’t look right.

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  1. Max Max

    ye you play game one meh

  2. Ted Ted

    very cool indeed. how bout doin some light paintin for star wars? green, blue, red 🙂

  3. @Max
    What’s with the “ye”? Cannot meh? I do play games 1… sometimes… selectively…

    Haha… I don’t have 3 hands lor…

  4. Ted Ted

    lol, i’ve got 2 hands here.

  5. Dan Dan

    Hahahha been playing day and night. When u want to join me Derrick n Kevin for the game ?

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