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One day, a friend of mine Kent called me after he saw my blog, ask­ing me to help him to shoot some inte­rior pic­tures of a few kitchens ren­o­vated by him.

With­out think­ing much, I quickly agreed because it was a good oppor­tu­nity for me to try out inte­rior photography.

The first kitchen we went is located in Ampang. It is a mod­ern kitchen designed with a lot of indi­rect blue lights hid­den behind or under the cabinets.

It belongs to a wealthy fam­ily whose owner is a Dato’. The size of the kitchen itself (dry + wet) is big­ger than my entire apartment.

It took me quite some time to find out the best way to light up a kitchen this big. At the end, what I did was shoot­ing with small aper­ture, slow shut­ter speed and then bounce the flash­light through an umbrella off the ceiling.

The fam­ily was so excited about the pho­to­shoot they even asked me to shoot some por­traits of their cute baby girl.

After that, we went to the sec­ond kitchen which is located in Rawang. I really love this kitchen with its orange tiles and white furnitures.

This time the shoot was faster and eas­ier since the trial-and-error from the first shoot.

The orange kitchen comes with a clas­sic din­ing hall on the other side.

If you think that light­ing the space is the hard­est part of inte­rior pho­tog­ra­phy, think again.

What’s more dif­fi­cult than light­ing is styling the space. The amount of atten­tion paid to dec­o­rate the sub­ject and the back­ground will just scares you off.

I must say that Con­nie and sis­ter (Kent’s friends) have done a really good job in mak­ing sure that every­thing that goes into the camera’s frame is perfect.

Next des­ti­na­tion, another kitchen in Kajang. This kitchen belongs to a chef who works at Mar­riott Putrajaya.

The owner was very excited as well and insisted me to take a few por­traits of him for his Face­book pro­file picture.

At the end, kitchen shoot­ing turned into Face­book pro­file pic­ture shoot­ing, and lastly turned into fam­ily por­trait shooting.

Well, it was really a long and tired day. But I really had fun shoot­ing the kitchens and the peo­ple behind them.

And most impor­tantly, I was really sat­is­fied with all the pic­tures I got at the end of the day.


This post is about Photography

This post has 15 comments


CommentNo. 1

Ted3 August 20108:43 AM

remark­able shots :)

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis Lee3 August 20109:27 AM

Thanks for the compliment 😀

CommentNo. 3

kopiais3 August 201010:51 AM



CommentNo. 4

Sean3 August 201011:01 AM

busy with this kind of project heh~~good~

Author’s CommentNo. 5

Den­nis Lee3 August 20105:25 PM


Hehe thanks. Not really occu­pied by this thing lah. 1 day only.

CommentNo. 6

Photog Mao4 August 201012:52 AM

wow wow…
the pho­tos make ppl wanna have them as their dream kitchens !

Author’s CommentNo. 7

Den­nis Lee4 August 201010:43 AM

Yeah would love to have that orange kitchen for myself…

CommentNo. 8

Clive4 August 201011:26 AM

dreamy kitchen! can pro­vide your friend blog who do the inte­rior design?~

CommentNo. 9

Photog Mao4 August 20101:35 PM

I pre­ferred the blue one :p

Author’s CommentNo. 10

Den­nis Lee4 August 20103:42 PM

Hmmm… I don’t know if she has a blog or not wor… if you are really inter­ested let me know, I’ll send you her contact…

CommentNo. 11

Kent4 August 20107:57 PM

Wah! work done! shud have call me to see the results…so nice! the bun­ga­low gonna com­plete soon…u wanna take? (i know wat to do de..dun worry)

Author’s CommentNo. 12

Den­nis Lee5 August 201010:38 AM

Thought of pass­ing you the pho­tos directly asap… but I was busy for the past few days…

The Dato’s bun­ga­low? Sure no prob­lem… Can’t wait to see the other rooms…

CommentNo. 13

Jen6 August 20102:54 PM

Nice shoot­ing skills u have there.. :)

Author’s CommentNo. 14

Den­nis Lee6 August 201010:51 PM

Thanks Jen 😀

CommentNo. 15

me9 December 201010:51 PM

hai..can u please give ME the kitchen cab­i­net contact?


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