I’ve been having oatmeal for breakfast for the past week. I like the smell and taste of oatmeal cooked together with fresh milk.

However, this post is not about how to make a bowl of mouth-watering oatmeal breakfast, in fact, it’s about shooting oatmeal.

I’ve been following a food blog at www.latartinegourmande.com for some time now and I’ve always admire her photography style (and of course her cooking skill as well).

The blown-out yet vibrant look of her pictures always caught my attention. You can check out more of her works at cannelle-vanille’s photostream on Flickr.

I wondered how she managed to achieve that unique look. Until one day, I saw this picture from her Photostream on Flickr.

The rounded spoon sort of reflected the surrounding of the entire setup. I can roughly guess that she used a lightsource at the back (or maybe by the window) with two reflectors at the front.

I came up with my own version and shot the oatmeal I’ve been eating every morning.

Shooting it was actually easier than I thought. The difficult part? Styling the table, cooking the oatmeal, garnishing it with fruits and shooting it in less than 20 minutes so I can still eat it while it was still warm.

P/S: All pictures taken with Nikon D90, 50mm lens shot at ISO 200, f/3.5 and 1/50. Remote speedlight was set at 1/20.


smashpOp 10 August 2010

damn nice 😀

Dennis Lee 10 August 2010

Hehe thanks 🙂

Ted 10 August 2010

now i know the secret to ure youth and figure. hahaha.

Dennis Lee 10 August 2010

Really?! How you know about the botox and liposuction?!

Ted 10 August 2010

not only that, i know bout the magical japanese cookies 😀 kawaii~!

Dennis Lee 11 August 2010

What?! No! I didn’t meant to enlarge my boobs! I thought it might work on chest also mar…

And I didn’t buy them lor… Kah Wai insisted to give them to me only I accept one…

Photog Mao 11 August 2010

darn.. make me tempted to have a nice breakfast !!

btw, what’s with the jap cookies ? hehe… curious curious :p

Dennis Lee 11 August 2010

Wah my pictures can make you want to have breakfast! Goodnya… I should start shooting vege and sell to the mothers…

It’s a magical cookies by the Japanese. You eat it everyday and your boobs will become bigger. You want?

Ed 19 August 2010

The last picture is nice..!!
But the first one got a bit reflection at the bowl though..
Anyway, great job. 🙂
Looking forward to see more. 🙂

Dennis Lee 19 August 2010

Thanks! I shouldn’t have put the spoon there in the first place. Next time will be more careful about the little details 🙂

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