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Capturing the Moment

Last Sunday, I attended the “Prewedding Portrait Workshop — Capturing the Moment” organised by Multimedia University’s Film and Photography Society.

3 wedding photographers have been invited to conduct the workshop — Edwin Tan, Paul Kong and Joshua Teoh.

After each conductor given their talk, we were divided into 3 groups to proceed to outdoor shooting.

Each group has been assigned a real couple as the models. My group got Dave Goh and Zi Ying.

The models - Dave Goh and Zi Ying.

First time attending photography workshop and first time shooting pre-wedding portrait. And it turned out to be a very good opportunity for me to learn.

The conductor for my group - Joshua Teoh - and I.

Many thanks to the conductor for my group Joshua Teoh who really shared a lot of his experiences with us.

P/S: 12 more photos on my Facebook album.

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  1. Ted Ted

    nice set of photos bro, great capture! especially love the 3rd & 5th pic 🙂

  2. Thanks! Those 2 are my favourite too! 😀

  3. Swee Ping Swee Ping

    I like the first and third picture though … isn’t kissing in high learning institution is regard as inappropriate? 😛

  4. Thanks 😉 It’s not if it’s for educational purposes… hahaha…

  5. i saw vibrant sky with hot kiss!

  6. Hahaha that’s all you saw???

    With that dramatic sky, it looks like they are kiss like there’s no tomorrow… hahaha…

  7. damn nice 😀

  8. Hahaha… the classic smashpOp reply “damn nice :D”.


  9. wow 13 days ago liao this post

  10. I’m back! Will start to post something as soon as I finish editing the pictures 🙂

  11. Hi.. awesome shots & editing..

    You got potential in this industry.. Hope to see you compete with international photographer one day… 😉

  12. Wow thanks Joshua! I’m really flattered!

    Seriously I have never thought of competing internationally because I think I still have a long way to go.

    Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

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