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Hong Kong 2010

I’m back from Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is soooooo nice, soooooo many things to see, soooooo many things to play and soooooo many things to buy. It was practically the best trip of the decade!

Cityscape of Hong Kong Central over the sunset.

Okay don’t expect too much, this is just a teaser post. I have yet to finish editing tons of pictures and videos. You think what? I’m Superman ah?

Anyway, Hong Kong is really a nice city. We’ve heard and seen so much of Hong Kong from their dramas and movies, but I have to say that seeing it for yourself is totally a different experience.

Four of us — Sophea, Kah Wai, Cheng Lam and I — had so much fun exploring the city in 6 days.

Our 6-day Hong Kong trip can be summarised as below.

I will make each day into a single post plus a video and I will post them as soon as I’m done with editing.

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  1. chenglam chenglam

    miss hk so much and I’m really cant wait for ur photos…

  2. Yeah miss Hong Kong very much. So much more we have not done, so many places we have not been, must go again!

  3. Sean Sean


  4. Ted Ted

    excited to see the upcomin posts 😉

  5. Yeah me too hahaha…

  6. I really envy the wide lens shot. Really nice photo you have there! =]

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