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I’m back from Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is soooooo nice, soooooo many things to see, soooooo many things to play and soooooo many things to buy. It was prac­ti­cally the best trip of the decade!

Cityscape of Hong Kong Cen­tral over the sunset.

Okay don’t expect too much, this is just a teaser post. I have yet to fin­ish edit­ing tons of pic­tures and videos. You think what? I’m Super­man ah?

Any­way, Hong Kong is really a nice city. We’ve heard and seen so much of Hong Kong from their dra­mas and movies, but I have to say that see­ing it for your­self is totally a dif­fer­ent experience.

Four of us — Sophea, Kah Wai, Cheng Lam and I — had so much fun explor­ing the city in 6 days.

Our 6-day Hong Kong trip can be sum­marised as below.

I will make each day into a sin­gle post plus a video and I will post them as soon as I’m done with editing.


This post is about Life

This post has 7 comments


CommentNo. 1

chenglam4 September 20101:54 AM

miss hk so much and I’m really cant wait for ur photos…

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis Lee4 September 201011:02 AM

Yeah miss Hong Kong very much. So much more we have not done, so many places we have not been, must go again!

CommentNo. 3

Sean4 September 201011:49 AM


Author’s CommentNo. 4

Den­nis Lee4 September 20103:34 PM

Thanks :)

CommentNo. 5

Ted4 September 20103:56 PM

excited to see the upcomin posts 😉

Author’s CommentNo. 6

Den­nis Lee5 September 20106:22 PM

Yeah me too hahaha…

CommentNo. 7

Oridusartic8 September 20102:56 PM

I really envy the wide lens shot. Really nice photo you have there! =]

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