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Day 3 was the day we explored Cen­tral, their ver­sion of KL’s Golden Triangle.

Night view of Cen­tral and Tsim Sha Tsui (across the strait) from Vic­to­ria Peak.

Day 3 — Explor­ing Cen­tral areas.

Filled with sky­scrap­ers at every sin­gle cor­ner, Cen­tral is lit­er­ally the cen­tral hub for busi­ness, finance, shop­ping and entertainment.

Bank of China and Lippo Centre.

Yung Kee Restau­rant Roast Goose

We had the most famous roast goose in Hong Kong for lunch at Yung Kee Restaurant.

Yung Kee roast goose.

I per­son­ally not a big fan of duck or goose. How­ever, the roast goose was so ten­der and flavour­ful no roast duck in Malaysia can com­pare to it. We ordered half a roast goose which cost us HKD 220 and it was just nice for four of us.

Mid-Levels Esca­la­tor

After lunch, we explored the city by foot. When we started to walk around, I found out one thing that I never knew even from all the Hong Kong dra­mas and movies. To my sur­prise, the entire city was built on top of slopes.

A truck parked by the road side on a slope.

As if walk­ing by foot is not enough, how bout climb­ing slopes? I bet fit­ness cen­tres can’t sell in Hong Kong because every­body had enough of daily exer­cises already.

How­ever, there’s some­thing called tech­nol­ogy to help us human to become more lazy. Intro­duc­ing the Mid-Levels Escalator.

The famous Mid-Levels Esca­la­tor at Shelly Street.

The Mid-Levels Esca­la­tor is a one-way 800 metres out­door cov­ered esca­la­tor sys­tem bring­ing pedes­tri­ans up and down between Cen­tral and Mid-Levels.

Although it is a tourist attrac­tion but in fact, it is like any other esca­la­tors, just out­door, cov­ered, period.

Vic­to­ria Peak

Next stop, Vic­to­ria Peak. When we reached the peak, we realised that the peak is actu­ally acces­si­ble by cars and buses. Wasted our time to wait and queue for the Peak Tram.

The Peak Tower at Vic­to­ria Peak.

The Peak Tower houses var­i­ous restau­rants and shops includ­ing the famous Madame Tus­sauds Wax Museum.

View from Vic­to­ria Peak.

Ticket is needed just to go to the Sky Ter­race (obser­va­tion deck) on top of the Peak Tower. How­ever, a pack­age for Peak Tram, Sky Ter­race and the Wax Museum can be pur­chased at a dis­counted price at the Lower Peak Terminal.

Madame Tus­sauds Wax Meseum

The wax museum is def­i­nitely a must-visit place.

Wax fig­ures of the late Leslie Che­ung and Angelina Jolie with Brad Pitt.

There are so many wax fig­ures to look at or make funny poses with.

Tiger Woods star­ing at my ass.

And we braved our­self to visit the haunted man­sion which turned out to be the scari­est haunted man­sion expe­ri­ence I have ever had.

Lan Kwai Fong

After we came down from Vic­to­ria Peak, we went straight to Lan Kwai Fong — the club­bin street in Central.

Lan Kwai Fong.

The dif­fer­ence of club­bin in KL and Hong Kong is, in KL, we club indoor while in Hong Kong, they club out­door, on the street, with 10 police­men stand­ing at every street corner.

Crowd at Lan Kwai Fong.

Hav­ing drinks at the pub.

Well, it was a long and tir­ing day. We had been walk­ing up down left right in out front back for the whole day.

Although we had just scratched the sur­face of what the city has to offer, it was quite some expe­ri­ence already.

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This post is about Life

This post has 2 comments


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Richie15 September 201012:00 PM

club­bing out­door ?!?! damn cool ! how’s the beer price ? cheaper than Malaysia ?

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Den­nis Lee15 September 201011:35 PM

Beer price ar… hmmm… didn’t pay atten­tion to that, just paid and go :p

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