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It was my luck­i­est day ever. I got a brand new iPhone 4, for free!

I got it from the Maxis iPhone 4 Launch Event VIP Party lucky draw on the 24th Sep­tem­ber 2010. 24 iPhone 4’s were given out and I hap­pened to be one of the lucky 24.

I know I know, I can hear you scream­ing “WTF?!”, “you lucky bas­tard!”, “that’s so lucky of you!”, “it’s so unfair!”, “why…???!!!”, “I hate you!”.

C’mon guys, it’s my first ever lucky draw prize in my entire 27 years of life. I guess fate was finally bored of play­ing my life for 27 years so it gave me the iPhone to make it up to it.

Okay, how did I man­aged to get the iPhone 4 you ask, now here’s the story.

One day before Maxis launches iPhone 4, the desire of get­ting one sud­denly comes all over me.

I decided to sell my old iPhone 3GS for RM1350 and top up a few hun­dred ring­git to get a new one. So I quickly snapped a few pic­tures of my iPhone 3GS and posted it on Low Yat Forum.

The response was over­whelm­ing. In less than 10 min­utes, a guy already decided to buy it from me for RM1300. How­ever, that guy didn’t kept his words and decided to call off the deal later.

Okay never mind, I decided to get the new iPhone 4 first know­ingly the demand for iPhone 3GS was still there.

I call Ted and ask him to go to the Maxis Launch Event together with me. And we were sur­prised to found out that the queue was ridicu­lously long.

Long queue at the Maxis Launch Event.

To top that off, the Maxis staffs told me that the event is only for cus­tomers who have already made their reser­va­tion. There’s no way I can get one on the spot.

Cus­tomers queue to get their num­ber before enter­ing the reg­is­tra­tion hall.

Dis­ap­pointed and help­less. Until Swee Ping, a col­league of mine texted me ask­ing me if I want to go to the Maxis Launch VIP Party at Gsix the Gardens.

My col­leagues Hen­dra and Swee Ping.

I thought “why not?”. So we reg­is­tered our­self, dropped our name cards and went in to the VIP Party.

It was com­pletely a dif­fer­ent scene from the reg­is­tra­tion hall down­stairs. Packed with nicely dressed peo­ple from Dato/Datin to executives/media plus free flow drinks from beer to wine.

That was when I found out that there will be a lucky draw from that bunch of name cards we dropped in ear­lier after the launch dur­ing midnight.

We had time before the clock hits 12 so we walked around and met Kenny Sia.

Swee Ping, Kenny Sia and I.

We went down to the reg­is­tra­tion hall and wit­nessed the live broad­cast of the countdown.

First 60 iPhone 4 cus­tomers in Malaysia cheer­ing at 12 midnight.

After that, we went back to the VIP Party and waited. The lucky draw didn’t start until 1AM where almost half of the peo­ple were gone.

24 iPhone 4’s were given out one by one. Swee Ping was the one who got it first, fol­lowed by Hen­dra. I almost gave up any hope when there were only 10 iPhones left.

When they were giv­ing out the last 7th iPhone, I heard they were call­ing my company’s name, and the next thing I heard was my name!

I was so freak­ing excited and jump­ing up and down and shout­ing and swear­ing and break danc­ing and did som­er­sault all the way to the stage.

The truth is, I can’t really remem­ber what I did or how I felt. All I can remem­ber is I can’t stop smil­ing while feel­ing like I was dreaming.

At the end of the night, all three of us walked away hap­pily, with a big smile on our faces and of course, brand new iPhone 4’s.


This post is about Life

This post has 6 comments


CommentNo. 1

Clive27 September 20104:02 PM

wha­haha lucky boy! congratulations!

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis Lee27 September 20104:40 PM

Thanks. Same goes to you.

CommentNo. 3

Ted28 September 20109:46 AM

I’ll say it again, Con­gat­u­la­tions! Dream come true :) I like the shots by the way.

Author’s CommentNo. 4

Den­nis Lee28 September 201010:21 AM

Thank you! Wait­ing for your post about your expe­ri­ence with the 4 :)

CommentNo. 5

Swee Ping28 September 20101:29 PM

You don’t remem­ber what you did?? You asked for Hendra’s hand after you stripped your shirt! 😛

Author’s CommentNo. 6

Den­nis Lee28 September 201011:25 PM

Wow why did I ask for Hendra’s hand? I guess I must be drown in hap­pi­ness of get­ting an iPhone 4 hahaha…

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