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Hong Kong Dis­ney­land was the most enjoy­able day dur­ing my trip to Hong Kong.

Sleep­ing Beauty Cas­tle at Hong Kong Disneyland.

We’ve been hear­ing some bad com­ments from the locals includ­ing a few taxi drivers.

“Dis­ney­land is so small you could fin­ish it in half a day, bet­ter go to Ocean Park.”

How­ever, we were so glad that we insisted to go because Hong Kong Dis­ney­land was sim­ply awesome.

Day 5 — Mag­i­cal jour­ney at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Who says Hong Kong Dis­ney­land is small? We can’t even fin­ish it in a sin­gle day!

Main Street, U.S.A. at Hong Kong Disneyland.

We reached there around 10 AM and stayed until the very last show at 8 PM.

Camwhore at the entrance before we enter Hong Kong Disneyland.

Hong Kong Dis­ney­land has four main themed areas. Refer­ring to the map below, the themed areas are Main Street U.S.A. (bottom/brown), Adven­ture­land (left/blue), Fan­ta­sy­land (top/pink) and Tomor­row­land (right/orange).

Kah Wai show­ing the map of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Your visit to Hong Kong Dis­ney­land is not com­plete if you never watch these two amaz­ing musicals.

The first musi­cal is “The Golden Mick­eys” show­ing at the “Sto­ry­book The­atre” at the Fan­ta­sy­land. The sec­ond musi­cal is “The Fes­ti­val of the Lion King” show­ing at the “The­atre in the Wild” at the Adventureland.

I’ve recorded both musi­cals with my Nikon D90. I had to shorten it to 15 mins due to YouTube’s limit. Enjoy the videos.

The Golden Mickeys

“The Golden Mick­eys” show­ing at the “Sto­ry­book The­atre” at the Fantasyland.

The Fes­ti­val of the Lion King

“Fes­ti­val of the Lion King” show­ing at the “The­ater in the Wild” at the Adventureland.

Mickey’s Water­Works Parade

Since it was sum­mer­time, Hong Kong Dis­ney­land had a spe­cial parade which is the “Mickey’s Water­Works Parade”.

Mickey’s Water­Works Parade.

All the vehi­cles and char­ac­ters were actu­ally spray­ing water every­where. We had to hide our cam­eras when­ever we saw any water gun point­ing at us.

Mickey’s Water­Works Parade.

We were all wet but it was totally fun and it really does help to bring down the heat.

Cheng Lam, Sophea and I got wet after the parade.

Dis­ney in the Stars Fireworks

After din­ner, we found our­self a nice spot right in front of the Sleep­ing Beauty Cas­tle to view the fire­works show “Dis­ney in the Stars”.

Hong Kong Dis­ney­land Fireworks.

The fire­works started at 8 PM sharp every­day and it lasts for 10 mins.

Hong Kong Dis­ney­land Fireworks

The fire­works co-ordinated to clas­sic Dis­ney music was sim­ply mind blow­ing and jaw dropping.

Good­bye Disneyland

The fire­works was the last show for the day before the park closed and it some­how offi­cially brought us to a happy end­ing of our mag­i­cal Dis­ney­land journey.

Hong Kong Series


This post is about Life

This post has 4 comments


CommentNo. 1

Ted28 September 20109:47 AM

Finally, the much long awaited final post of the HK trip :)

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis Lee28 September 201010:20 AM

Yeah, finally got time to fin­ish it. Actu­ally still have 1 more post Day 6. But I can’t remem­ber what I was sup­pose to write already. Maybe I’ll just delete it :p Hahaha…

CommentNo. 3

Oridusartic7 October 201010:40 PM

Fire­works, parade, dis­ney… I’m so going to Dis­ney­land someday!

Btw, these HK series posts really encour­age me to start arrang­ing a plan for a trip to Hongkong. xD

Author’s CommentNo. 4

Den­nis Lee8 October 20104:48 PM

Hehehe… it was a won­der­ful and mag­i­cal jour­ney. Must go!

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