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My 8-day Cam­bo­dia trip was both fun and inspiring.

When I decided to go to Cam­bo­dia with Sophea and gang, I totally do not know what to expect from that coun­try. The only thing I knew from Cam­bo­dia was Angkor Wat and Seng Sophea. I even thought that the cap­i­tal city Phnom Penh has only dirt roads full of motor­cy­cles and cows.

All 7 of us camwhore with my ultra wide angle lens.

I was proven so wrong when I finally saw the cities for myself.

Many things are very sim­i­lar to Malaysia. But there are also many things totally out of my expec­ta­tion. And those are the things that not only expanded my hori­zon, but also make me appre­ci­ate what I have even more.

We went to three places — Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville.

Arriv­ing at Siem Reap from Malaysia.

We reached Siem Reap first, the land once stood the ancient Angko­rian Civilisation.

Landed at Siem Reap Inter­na­tional Airport.

Siem Reap Inter­na­tional Airport.

Happy peo­ple enjoy­ing cool breeze.

Siem Reap Town

We landed very early in the morn­ing, went to the town and checked-in our guest­house at Golden Mango Inn.

Siem Reap town and Golden Mango Inn.

“Cambodia’s hos­pi­tal­ity is way bet­ter than Malaysia’s hos­pi­tal­ity,” said Sophea.

I couldn’t agree with her more.

Take Golden Mango Inn for exam­ple, they wel­comed us with big smiles, cold towel and wel­come drinks. Rooms were big and clean with com­pre­hen­sive facil­i­ties. The peo­ple were so friendly they really made us feel at home. Another exam­ple, where can you find an express bus ser­vice in Malaysia that gives you cold towel, min­eral water, cakes and detail expla­na­tions of the scenes along the 6-hour jour­ney? None! All they know is how to speed, sleep and crash on the highway!

Ok enough rant­ing. Let’s move on.

We had our first taste of local food dur­ing lunch. It was gooooood! I mean really good. Cam­bo­dian food are mostly sweet, not much of spicy food.

Cam­bo­dian tra­di­tional food.

Look­ing at the pic­tures really make me crave for more Cam­bo­dian food.

Cam­bo­dian Cul­tural Village

After lunch, we vis­ited the Cam­bo­dian Cul­tural Vil­lage. A place con­sists of cul­tural exhi­bi­tions, themed gar­dens and cul­tural performances.

Entrance of Cam­bo­dian Cul­tural Village.

Exhi­bi­tion hall at Cam­bo­dian Cul­tural VIllage.

Camwhore with a per­former at the Cam­bo­dian Cul­tural Village.

Minia­ture model of the National Museum of Cambodia.

Phnom Bakheng

Around evening, we went to get our one-day pass to Angkor which cost us 20 USD per per­son. How­ever, they allow vis­i­tors to go into the Angkor area for free after 5 PM before they close the entire place at 6 PM.

Tak­ing advan­tage of this free hour, we went to Phnom Bakheng, a tem­ple sit­u­ated on a hill not far away from Angkor Wat.

Phnom Bakheng, Angkor Archae­o­log­i­cal Park.

Because Phnom Bakheng is on a higher ground, it’s a nice place to view the sun­set. Too bad it was too cloudy we couldn’t see anything.

Steep stairs going up to the temple.

Camwhore at the top of Phnom Bakheng.

Pub Street

Night falls, time for din­ner. We went to the famous Pub Street to look for food.

Search­ing for food at Pub Street, Siem Reap.

We decided to dine at the Tem­ple Club Restaurant.

Tem­ple Club Restau­rant and cheap beer.

The beer was really cheap. A glass of Anchor draft was only 50 cents USD and a glass of cock­tail was only 5 USD 2.5 USD!

The food was not bad at all, espe­cially the pork ribs!

Cam­bo­dian tra­dional food and pork ribs.

Angkor Night Market

After din­ner, we took a walk to the nearby Angkor Night Market.

Angkor Night Market.

It was a shop­ping heaven. Every­thing there was so cheap you could get a t-shirt for only 2 USD and a 60 min­utes foot mas­sage for only 4 USDUSD!

Shop­ping and foot massage.

What a fruit­ful, long and tir­ing day. Although it was only the first day but I started to like Cam­bo­dia already.

Com­ing up next, tem­ples vis­it­ing and Angkor Wat sunrise.

Cam­bo­dia Series


This post is about Life

This post has 11 comments


CommentNo. 1

Max17 November 201011:26 AM

yer so cool!

CommentNo. 2

Ted17 November 201012:09 PM

beer is so cheap

Author’s CommentNo. 3

Den­nis Lee17 November 20101:18 PM

Yer indeed it’s a nice place to visit…

Damn cheap, we had beer almost every night.

CommentNo. 4

kopiais17 November 20108:36 PM

1. cock­tail was USD 2.5
2. food mas­sage is USD 3
3. not just beer…we had pork every sin­gle meal!
4. i can’t post com­ment using face­book account, it said error with blank email or name…something like that


Author’s CommentNo. 5

Den­nis Lee17 November 201010:45 PM

Hahaha… I’m just not good with num­bers and money…

I knew they were wrong, I knew you will cor­rect me… so I post first… hehe :p

Sigh… Face­book prob­lem again? Face­book must have changed their API. No choice, hope the plu­gin I use update soon.

CommentNo. 6

smashpOp18 November 20109:26 AM

cam­bo­dia actu­ally looks good from your pho­tos. hehe

Author’s CommentNo. 7

Den­nis Lee18 November 201010:15 AM

Hahaha what do you mean by “Cam­bo­dia actu­ally looks good”?

Cam­bo­dia is good. So much nicer than what I thought. Espe­cially Siem Reap, a very good tourist destination.

CommentNo. 8

Rames18 November 201011:58 PM

niceeee pho­tos 😀

Author’s CommentNo. 9

Den­nis Lee19 November 20109:59 AM

Thanks Rames!!!

CommentNo. 10

Christine Yeo23 December 20101:34 AM

Yr pho­tos are beau­ti­ful!! My friends keep telling me not to go to Phnom Penh and I am deter­mined to prove them wrong, haha… Your pho­tos fur­ther entice me =) May I know when did you visit Cam­bo­dia? How was the weather then? I want to avoid the heat, hop­ing to go there in a cooler month, but not much rain and clear blue skies, hee…

Author’s CommentNo. 11

Den­nis Lee23 December 201010:42 AM

Thanks Chris­tine!

You must go… it’s a nice place to visit!

I went there around end of August. The weather there is much the same as Malaysia or Sin­ga­pore, so it’s hot through­out the year.

But they do have bluer skies com­pare to us… hahaha…

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