Cambodia Part 3 - Tonle Sap


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Long long ago, on a lake far far away, there are some Viet­namese who live on water. They call it the float­ing vil­lage of Tonle Sap.

Float­ing Vil­lage at Tonle Sap.

Tonle Sap is the largest fresh­wa­ter lake in South East Asia. These peo­ple live on float­ing houses and they catches fish to make a living.

A black and white por­trait of a kid.

They move their houses from place to place accord­ing to the water level of the lake dur­ing dif­fer­ent season.

Ah Miao and Sophea.

We went for a tour around the float­ing vil­lage and it was undoubt­edly, “eye-opening”.

Me sit­ting in-front of the boat while tour­ing the Float­ing Village.

These peo­ple do every­thing from eat­ing to sleep­ing on their small lit­tle float­ing house.

A float­ing house with kids play­ing around.

Yes every­thing. From wash­ing clothes…

A lady wash­ing clothes on a float­ing house.

… to prepar­ing food.

A lady prepar­ing food on a float­ing house

And you might be think­ing, how bout, you know, doing “business”?

Well, you guess it right. It’s on the float­ing house too! And into the same water where they use it to wash clothes and pre­pare food!

A kid shit­ting on a float­ing house.

Eye-opening isn’t it?

With­out basic ameni­ties, these peo­ple still have to find their way to live their life.

Kids approach­ing tourists to beg for money.

Life is dif­fi­cult. After see­ing this, I promise I won’t com­plaint about my air-cond not cold enough anymore.

But wait, their sit­u­a­tion wasn’t the worst after­all. Although they do not have the basic ameni­ties, but they have other things, like a float­ing restaurant.

A float­ing restaurant.

And also float­ing gro­cery store!

A float­ing gro­cery store.

And guess what, they have float­ing school as well!

A float­ing school.

Not bad at all right? But I think they are lack­ing of some­thing impor­tant, which is entertainment.

Only if they can have a float­ing night club, I gau­ran­tee it will become one of the tourist attrac­tions in no time.

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This post is about Life

This post has 2 comments


CommentNo. 1

Ted22 November 201012:36 PM

yes, let’s open one there. so did you guys dine there? it would be mouth water­ing isn’t it? 😀

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis Lee23 November 201011:55 AM

Dine there?! Crazy ar?! We can open 1 float­ing club in Putrajaya 😉

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