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My pictures published

Few months ago, my friend Kent asked me to help him to photograph the interior of a bungalow of his client.

He told me that it will be published in a magazine, but what he didn’t tell me was that, the pictures going to appear on 11 pages!

You can find them in the latest iN DESIGN Magazine issue 28 both English/Malay version and English/Chinese version.

Happy to see my own pictures printed on a magazine. But compare my pictures with the others in the magazine, there’s definitely a big big room for me to improve.

Here are some of my favourite shots, just a small portion.

All in all, learned a lot about interior photography and the conclusion is, interior photography, not easy.

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  1. ooo so proud of you… *sob*sob*tearofjoy*

    next time need assistant ask me la hehe

  2. *tears* I want to take this opportunity… to thank my family and friends… who have given me support at times when needed…

    Thank you thank you!!!

  3. Sean Sean


  4. congrats! nice photos indeed. n why u steal my phone? LOL

  5. Thanks pop! Aiya you have so many phonesss… lost one also nvm lah…

  6. Ted Ted

    hard work paid off 😉 the success must be sweet

  7. What a cool achievement! And I think your interior photography is already looking professional. (^^ , )

  8. @Ted

    Hahaha… it’s not like I won an award or what. It’s just that my friend needed a photographer, and I happened to be the one, that’s all.

    But it’s definitely sweet to see my pictures in print 🙂

  9. @Oridusartic

    Thanks! But it’s not really much of an “achievement”.

  10. wahhhhhhhhhhh. nice nice! 😀

  11. wahhhhhhhhhhh. thanks thanks! 😀

  12. nice work man

  13. heeren heeren

    I stumble upon ur site through google and i must say it’s a very neat, simple design but yet the contents are interesting… Keep it up… I m gonna be visiting more often…

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