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Sur­vive — con­tinue to live or exist, in spite of dan­ger or hardship.

Things won’t go smoothly. Things will be broken.

There will be no sign nor sound.

Once bro­ken, it’s hard to be fixed.

But there’s no point of fix­ing some­thing that can’t be fixed.

So it’s time to wake up from the long nap.

Move on to a whole new level.

There’s no room for regret, no place for sympathy.

Life must go on.

To a place that no one has ever been.

To a place we call a newlife.


This post is about Photography

This post has 14 comments


CommentNo. 1

Ervin Ter22 February 201111:21 AM


CommentNo. 2

Ted22 February 201112:23 PM

nice post, wel­come to newlife.

Author’s CommentNo. 3

Den­nis Lee22 February 201112:48 PM

@Ervin @Ted
Thanks thanks :)

CommentNo. 4

Ed24 February 201112:33 AM


Author’s CommentNo. 5

Den­nis Lee24 February 201110:44 AM

Thanks Ed 😀

CommentNo. 6

Oridusartic6 March 201111:59 PM

Nice pho­tog­ra­phy and very well-written. You might release a book some­day. xD

Author’s CommentNo. 7

Den­nis Lee7 March 201112:52 PM

Hahaha thanks… but realease a book? Are you kid­ding me? You are more qual­ify than I do…

CommentNo. 8

joanne14 March 201110:57 PM

is sim­ple but meaningful.

CommentNo. 9

Timmy31 March 20111:35 AM

your pho­tos are amaz­ing…
great blog!

Author’s CommentNo. 10

Den­nis Lee31 March 201111:01 AM

Thanks Timmy!

CommentNo. 11

Veronica Lee Xin Ning8 June 201111:36 AM

Update update! Im hop­ing to see more of your pho­tos and posts. :(

Author’s CommentNo. 12

Den­nis Lee9 June 201112:48 PM

I know I know! Guilty as charged! Thanks for stay­ing with me… :) I will try my best…!!!

CommentNo. 13

Oridusartic1 September 20114:33 PM

Wheee? No more update? Hahaha come on Den­nis. We want update! update! 😀

CommentNo. 14

Zoe17 March 201210:57 AM

Wow I like your pics. So warm.

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