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My Christmas wish list

It’s December. It’s almost Christmas. Which means in few weeks time we are going to celebrate the arrival of year 2008. This is really crazy, I’ve been working for a year now. Time really flies like no one’s business.

For the past year, I don’t really have much savings. How much I earn will always equals to how much I spend at the end of the month. Even after working for a year, I will feel sad every time I look at my bank account.

So I’ve been asking around my friends to see how they actually plan their spending.

JT told me, “Let it go, put it down. When you have no desires, you will have nothing to buy.”

I wish I can be as angelic as he does. Somehow I think materialistic is one of the substances in my blood.

MX told me, “Prioritize your buying list, buy those things that are more important to you first.”

Frankly, everything seems important to me.

QX told me, “Who gives a fuck! I’ll spend all the money I have.”

One side of me is telling me to agree with him but the other side keeps holding me back.

KT told me, “Don’t buy that bed frame, don’t buy that spectacles, use all your money to go shopping first.”

Hahaha, that’s not even considered as an advice.

Well, after asking so many people’s opinion, I still can’t make up my mind either to save money or to buy things. I guess I will just leave my buying list to Santa Clause and hopefully he will be kind enough to give me everything I want. Hehehe…

So here it goes Santa,

    1. An Ikea white colour wooden bedrame
    2. A spring mattress but latex one is even better
    3. A few t-shirts from FCUK
    4. A jeans from Levis
    5. A pair of Converse shoes
    6. A few shirts from G2000
    7. A new hairstyle with some colour highlights
    8. A new and more stylish spectacles
    9. A new maintenance-free battery for my car
    10. And last but not least, please settle all my telephone, Internet, Astro and car park bills.

      Not too greedy am I? I guess not. Hahaha…

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      1. Dan Dan

        looking for sponsorship to traveling around instead if gadget stuff 😛
        Feng, willing do sponsor? hahaha

      2. Hahaha… if you go traveling, I can sponsor you Gardenia bread for 1 week.

      3. Max Max

        Not greedy… not greedy (-_-)

      4. Dan Dan

        hmmm stop showing ur kiamsiapness …..

      5. Hahaha… ok then… send me all the bills after the trip…

      6. Dan Dan

        hahahah eh, when you gonna be free? dinner?

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