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Too many things to do, too little time

It was a busy week. Too many things to do but too little time. Sometimes it’s just a difficult task to find a balance point between work and leisure.Too many things in my mind but I don’t feel like talking about it. Maybe because of pressure or perhaps I am just lazy. So long story short, I’ll just post pictures.

Karaoke at Neway

Went to Neway Karaoke with my colleagues last Friday. Nice food, nice environment and nice songs. It was a fun and crazy night.dsc00328.jpgdsc00319.jpgdsc00321.jpg

Steamboat buffet

Had steamboat buffet at Sunway. Nice food. Very satisfied.dsc00347.jpg

My own blog design

The title says it all. Too many things to do but too little time.

P/S: More pictures at Zenn’s blog.

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  1. sean sean

    Dude…have some rest.

    Try this:
    take some pics from your hometown and get them printed in A3 or larger…post it on the wall then. Perhaps…you’ll feel much better with the greenness of the countryside.

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