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Sunway & Genting

Friday night is suppose to be fun. So bunch of us went to have a drinking session right after work at Sunway. It’s very eye catching if we go out together because all of us wearing black from top to bottom. Like just finished attending some funeral or what.

It was fun and chilling but too bad Saturday still need to work. How sad. No one got drunk. Actually I would love to see Jennting got drunk because no one knows what he will do after drunk. Hahaha…


Sunday’s weather condition is 17.4°C wet. Not in KL of course. It was Genting. And it was around 3pm in the afternoon. How I wish KL has this kind of weather. Actually I’m scared of cold. But I don’t like heat as well.


Went to Genting with my family to attend a concert.


It was a charity concert to raise fund for a private Chinese high school. So everyone needs to donate money.

The concert was organized by a local music company where they produce Chinese New Year albums each and every year. EACH AND EVERY YEAR my friends. So most of the songs they sing that night are CNY songs. NOW I can really feel CNY is coming soon.


I don’t know since when this tradition starts. Shops, restaurants, shopping malls will all play CNY songs when the New Year is around the corner. It has been like this even before I know what is Chinese New Year. And it’s only happening in Malaysia.

What amazed me is that they produce CNY songs before CNY for all the 22 artists. And right after CNY they will start producing songs for next year’s CNY. And what was more amazing is, did anyone really go and buy these CNY albums???!!! Since they are producing CNY albums every year, I guess they are really making money out of this.

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  1. sean sean

    huh…I thought you’re having dinner with strangers…
    you don’t look like your family at all ==”
    by the way, i’m wearing my glasses and i’m so sure my vision is so clear~

  2. Where got… sometimes people cannot differentiate between me and my brothers.
    The photo is a bit blur lah… coz it was taken by a trainee. He was so blur that he gave me some kind of look like ‘what you want me to do with this camera phone???’ OF COZ take a picture lah dude…

  3. Dan Dan

    haha so mean!!

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