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Happy Chinese New Year

It’s still not too late to say Happy Chinese New Year right? Hehehe… what a lazy ass I am. It has been weeks since my last post. I really need to change my attitude and blog more often.

Chinese New Year is the same every year. When I’m getting older, I’m kind of losing the anticipation for celebrating CNY. After all, CNY is nothing special compare to normal days except that I can eat lots and lots of food, drink lots and lots of soft drinks, watch lots and lots of Astro and gather together with lots and lots of one-year-meet-only-once type of relatives.

However, there is something different this year. This year’s CNY I gave Ang Pao’s to my parents for the first time. They were very happy when they got the red packets in their hands. Because this is the first time they are getting Ang Pao’s from their son as well.

Talking about giving Ang Pao, my family has a very unique way of giving Ang Pao. Those giving Ang Pao will all sit in a row and those taking Ang Pao will line up in one line starting with the youngest in the family.


What I did during CNY?

Visited Dato Ong Ka Chuan’s open house on the 1st day of CNY and saw this lion dance performed by the world champion (I forgot their name but they are from Johor).


BBQ various types of seashells at my mother’s hometown on the 2nd day of CNY.


Celebrated Okui’s birthday and then play mahjong after that.


And of course go and watch movies and yum cha with friends.

Holiday is over and now I’m back to my hectic work life. I pray hard for increment since there’ll be no bonus for me. Actually I didn’t pray at all. But I hope there is increment.

I wish you all Happy Chinese New Year and in advanced Happy Chap Goh Meh.

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  1. k3vin k3vin

    I love the lion so much….

  2. okui okui

    celaka Haw Feng, next time put a better pic la…hahaha!

  3. What’s wrong with the pic??? ok ar… nice mar…

  4. chenglam chenglam

    i too think the picture is brilliant.. nice smile, nice shirt, nice cake, nice candles… and u successfully asserted the uniqueness of the uncle style… bola, wa si ga lu gong sheng qiu la… probably one of the best photos u ever had.. haha.

  5. You are going to make him feel more miserable like that.

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