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T.G.I. Friday’s

I believe there are times when you suddenly crave for good food out of no where and you tell yourself that you have to eat something nice or else you will be sorry to your stomach.

What??? You don’t??? Hmmm… nvm… At least I have this kind of experience all the time. And it was last Sunday. So Kevin and I went to T.G.I. Friday’s in Sunway Pyramid. I tried TGIF only once and I fell in love with the food. So this is the 2nd time after almost half a year.

Everything was OK at first until they serve the food.


I ordered this “buffalo wings” as the appetizer. But before they serve this, they gave me something else which is “fried sotong”.


And also this. Something call “three for all”.


We were shocked and we ask the guy to double check again. He went into the kitchen and later on came back with the same thing and tell us that this is what we ordered.

OK lor if he insists these are what we ordered. We just eat.

But too bad after we finish quarter of the food, a waitress approached us and apologized because those are not suppose to be our food. She said she will have to take it back and replace with those we ordered.

But then we already half full even before the main course is served.


The main course. Something something steak.


The desert – “Friday’s Sundae”. Cannot even finish half because too full.

Don’t have nice pictures of Kevin’s food and I’m too lazy to take the pictures from him.

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