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My hair coloured

Few days ago I got a note request from my colleague Sophea because the day before that when she came over to ask us for lunch, I asked her to make appointment first.

Instead of making appointment, she applied.


Then I reply her with this.


Well, that’s all about work.

The next thing is… I got my hair coloured for the first time!!!


Not very obvious but I like it.


At Saturday night, went to watch this “Jewel of Tibet the Musical” with Jenn Ting (the creepy/scary/crazy artist).


Not many people like musicals or more generally performing arts. But finally I found some one who does.


Went to Itallianese on Sunday. This Stuffed Mushroom starter is damn on. The cheese is just so heaven.


The Spegatthi is also very nice. Love the chicken topped with cheese.

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  1. kevin kevin

    seems like you have a great time in this weekend..
    btw, I still not used to see ur hair color…

  2. I’m not used to see my own hair colour too… hehehe…

    Everyone says nice only u say not nice…

  3. sean sean

    yosh~~~the mushrooms are so appetizing…

  4. Yes it is… let’s go again…

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