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What a day

Today I took a day off from work.

A great morning. Woke up around 9 a.m. and then went to swim for an hour. The pool was all mine. I have no idea where the stamina came from because I was like swimming non-stop for quite a while.

Then I went to pickup Okui for lunch. Took us 1 hour from Kelana Jaya to Cheras just to have my favourite Chinese mix rice.

And then, it’s time to accomplish the main purpose of the day – to settle my income tax. I went to the LHDN office in Pandan Indah, not many people, no hassle at all. Took me half an hour to finish everything. Many staffs around the office who ready  to guide anyone to do their income tax. In fact, there are more staffs than the customers.

After that, we drove all the way to Menara TM at PJ to terminate my telephone line which I should have done that at least 6 months ago. Plus the streamyx bill I owe since last time, I almost fainted when I saw the total amount. Lets skip the RM part because I don’t want to mention sad things here… it f*cking costs me over freaking RM500!!!

I know… I know… it was all my fault. I should have terminated everything before it’s too late. But laziness work rulez.

Let me really skip the sad part of the day. Let me tell you the worst part of the day.

We then went to 1U to have dinner and movie. While I was reaching the car park, a stupid Ford Ranger came out from no where out of a sudden! I press the break immediately but my car still moving forward to that Ranger. I press the break harder this time and steer my car slightly to the left, thanks to ABS finally my car stopped right in front the side doors of the Ranger.

It spoiled my mood and I wanna punch someone so badly.

Never mind, lets forget about it. At least nothing serious happened.

So I went to watch this movie called Definitely, Maybe. It was a very romantic love story where this guy living in New York looking for his true love. When he had gone through few relationships, he finally realised that his true love is someone who he should have loved many years ago.

With New York City as the background and the metro lifestyle, I just love the movie. When you show this kind of movie to a desperate guy who desperately wants love, the person will just get more desperate.

Maybe not THAT desperate…

Definitely not THAT desperate…

I guess…

PS: I have 2 pending posts (the massage post and the ^%#%@$ post) which I feel like not the right time to publish yet.

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  1. I came across your blog on Technorati. Nice site layout. I will stop by and read more soon.

    Mike Harmon

  2. Sean Sean

    dennis, that was soooooo closed…
    jangan jangan savvy became smarto..

    Having a relaxing day huh… having final these 2 weeks…@_@1 off & 4 to go~

  3. Hi Mike, thanks for the compliment. But I did not design the blog. It is the Minyx Theme for WordPress by Spiga and Storelicious.

    I will design a new one based on this theme. It’s just that I can’t seem to find any free time to do that.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

  4. Yes Sean, that was very close.

    Why you always having exams one? That’s why I don’t like to study.

    All the best to you. Call me when you finish your exams. We go celebrate.

  5. max max

    don’t be shy… i know you’re desperate…


  6. hootie hootie


    stumbled on your blog, trying to find info on public pools in kl
    i didnt know there was one in kelana jaya. how much is the entry fee for weekends? are there lockers to keep your barang barang? is the pool anywhere near any of the LRT or other public transport?

    thanks for any help. cant seem to find any info on the net

  7. Hi hootie, sorry to dissapoint you. But the swimming pool I went is the one in my apartment.

    But I used to look for swimming pools around KL last time.

    I found it in the cari forum here. But I have no idea about all the details you asked. Sorry…

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