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Gain weight

Today I was talking with a colleague in the pantry and I asked him if he is still going to the gym or not. He said he had to stop because he is on a weight gain programme.

It reminds me when I was young, I had weight problem as well. I was underweight and no matter how much I eat I will never gain a single kg. I tried to workout at the gym and I tried to take supplements but nothing works for me.

Until today when I was taking my shower, i realise that the fat around my belly has slowly built-up. And sooner or later I can simply make a spare tyre out of it.

Since when I can gain weight so easily?! I can’t believe it.

So I went to find back my old pictures to see if I really gain a lot of weight.

When I was a kid

Okay maybe this is a little bit too old. But it proves that I wasn’t born underweight.

When I was young and thin

This is me sometime around 2003 to 2004 when I was still studying. I was skinny, my neck was thin and my chin was sharp.

And here comes the latest pictures of me.

Me become fatter after working

OMG!!! Look at me!!! I can even make double chin!!! No wait… it is TRIPLE!!!

My face becomes rounder, my belly becomes bigger and I have multiple chins.

I was once the person who laughs at my friends that they already become a fatty after they start working. It is going to be my turn now.

This is terrible. I need to go back to the gym and I need to go swimming more often.

Now have to control a bit or else I will easily become a fatty in no time.

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  1. From 2003 till now, your face still the same… muahahaha

  2. Yalah… you expect my face to change into David Beckham meh? It is just that last time my face sharper now rounder only mar.

    I think you even worst lah… hahaha… dare you to post your old pictures and compare with your current pictures.

  3. Wah~ you so pandai posing since young…

    hmmm… I think I should find out my old pics to compare with current also~

  4. Dan Dan

    fat nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. chenglam chenglam

    ohhhh ur old pictures remind me of those secondary school days… it’s like ages ago… well the last picture really scary, hardly recognize u… haha

  6. @ahzenn
    Yalor, last time I memang poser. Post your old pics also lah, can see how much weight u gain.

    Wei, you also have a lot of fat but none on your face only mar.

    Yalor, it has been 8 years since we graduated from secondary school. Another 2 years will become 10 years liao… sigh…

  7. max max

    Si gemuk

  8. SweeSze SweeSze

    Eh, long times no see. Just a little bit. dont worries so much ok.

  9. sean sean

    tu dia………

  10. daijiaoking daijiaoking

    hahaha!!! i like the young 1…. that time u so yeng! knw to pose infront of the camera cool!!^^

  11. Halo~ Thanks for ur dropping by my site!
    The ‘paper’ in my new design is the hidden suprises for reader, stay tuned!

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