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Happy Duanwu Festival

Today is Yesterday was Duanwu Festival and it is a day people think of zongzi. It is also a sad day for people who stay alone or away from the family because they have no zongzi to eat. Just like no mooncake to eat during Mid Autumn Festival or no tangyuan to eat during Yuanxiao Festival.

Luckily I came back hometown this public holiday thanks to Agong’s birthday. So I have zongzi to eat. Yeah!

Had a 3 days break this holiday. Resting is to recharge for a longer journey. Will start working tomorrow.

Happy Duanwu Festival everyone!

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  2. sean sean

    hmm…..why those chinese char. cannot be displayed.

  3. Hmmm… sorry about that. This is a known issue. WordPress has problem displaying unicode. Haven’t got the time to go and look into this matter yet.

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