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Another weekend report

Here comes another weekend report for the past weekend. Hahaha…

Why I always call this kind of post weekend reports? Because I couldn’t think of a better name to describe all kinds of things I’ve done over the weekend.

But what should I name the next weekend report? Another another weekend report? Maybe I should start naming them with serial numbers.

Anyway, went to Mid Valley to catch the movie “Evening” but too bad couldn’t get any tickets due to long queue.

So we (Kah Wai, my brother and I) ended up eating at D’lish.

The food here is indeed very very D’licious. We ordered this Salmon and some tuna salad. Thumbs up.

And also the roasted chicken and roasted vege salad topped with pesto sauce. The taste is very fusion. I like it a lot.

Saturday night. Treated my boss dinner at T.G.I. Fridays.

Don’t know where I kept the appetizers pictures already. I remembered I took the pictures but now I couldn’t find them. So weird.

I ordered this cheese chicken. Very cheesy.

And Pan Sin had this platter.

As usual, the portion at Fridays is too big and we couldn’t finish it. Had to tapao the chocolate malt cake.

Then Sunday, I did something I’ve always wanted to do.

Joining a fitness club!!!

Now I am a member of California Fitness at Sunway Pyramid.

All first timers have to go through these standard operating procedures which I think not very creative lor.

First, they will assign you a consultant. And then the consultant will ask you all sorts of questions like how you know about them, what kind of body do you want to have in 3 or 6 months time and a bunch of boring questions.

Then the consultant will bring you to tour around the gym. People around the gym will start looking at you like you are some kind of monkeys escaped from the zoo.

Then they will start to measure and tell you how high you are and how fat you are, like you didn’t know you are fat. Isn’t that the reason why we go to the gym?

My results came out just nice. Everything falls in the normal range.

Normal height, normal weight, slightly over muscle mass (it’s a good think), normal body fat mass, normal body fat percentage and normal fat distribution.

And the evaluation also very beautiful. Everything is normal and my upper and lower balance is considered developed. So happy.

And then the final score is 84 points (over 100 points I guess). Which I think is A+ right?

Weight to control – 0, fat to control – 0 and muscle to control – 0.

What kind of gym is this. Basically the result is telling me “what the hell you are doing here at the gym? You should be going to McD upstairs now. Gain some fat before you join the gym!”

Whatever lah. I’ve joined the gym and will be hitting the gym very often from now on.

Sunday afternoon. Went to watch a performance at Pangung Bandaraya, KL with Jenn Ting.

To save petrol, time, money and hassle, we decided to take LRT to Masjid Jamek since the place is not far from the LRT station. Long time didn’t take LRT already so have to camwhore a bit with Jenn Ting.

The theme for the concert is wind instruments which include all kinds of flutes.

It was an eye opening performance. They even have nine musicians playing different flutes altogether in 1 song.

That’s me, Jenn Ting and Sean. Loving Sean’s breathtaking solo performance. You are the man.

Finally, finish updating. It’s one o’clock in the morning now. What a difficult post to update. Phew….

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  1. max max

    I can imagine one day you’ll be so bulked-up that you look like one of the pieces of chicken on your KFC Original flavour Dinner Plate.

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