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  1. Finally~!!!
    Take care of her… *sob*sob*

  2. yeah… told by Dennis…’s really finally………witnessed it fr Pyramid.
    Hehe……im sure u’ll be v happy throughout the whole week.

  3. Welcome to mac world…….And now I don’t feel lonely when I’m using mac, coz u own it!!!! So means our house got two macs…

  4. max max

    Yes you hit it baby!

  5. I don’t want to go to work… I wanna stay at home everyday!!!

  6. Sean Sean


    hey, thanks for coming to the concert.

  7. sera sera


    iMac dah ade.. so lepas ni kena cari girl friend pulak untuk melengkapkan kehidupan 😛

  8. Max Max

    “Melengkapkan kehidupan”??


  9. With iMac, I can survive without girlfriend for months. Hahaha…

  10. Finally…

    Better not to let your gf read your comment here 😛

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