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Work, entertainment and family

Last week was busy like hell. During the last few days before the due date of the project, my colleagues and I still managed to go to karaoke to have some fun. We went to Neway Karaoke to celebrate the return of Max, end of the month, salary is out and we worked like cow.

Had lots and lots of nice food there. And sang until no voice.

The next day, we went to Alamanda to farewell 2 of my Indonesian colleagues, cute Sheva and pretty Dina (and Dina’s boyfriend). Dina resigned but Sheva just changed to another team, same office just different room. So we are still seeing her everyday, no difference.

Friday night was disastrous. It was the last day before the new website — which the whole team has been working on it for freaking 7 months — launched. We stayed back and do the final changes until late night. Sophea managed to capture a documentary about the mid night oil burning session. But 1:50 AM was just the begining. We never go home until 4 o’clock in the morning!

Sunday my family came down to KL. Had our lunch at Sungai Wang. Then headed to Low Yat to buy a new LCD monitor. Then I brought them to Pavilion to try out the coffee and toast at Toast Box. They serve traditional kopitiam food such as coffee, yuan yang, toast and boiled eggs.

It was my first time there as well. Queued for almost 20 minutes before our turn. The coffee was very very nice. It has a strong roasted taste and it’s not too sweet.

The french toast tastes very nice too.

My sister ordered this honey toast.

And I had the half boiled eggs.

It comes in set meals. A set of coffee (hot), a thick toast and 2 eggs total RM7++. A good price for the quality of food they served.

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  1. half boiled eggs man!!

  2. What’s wrong with half boiled eggs???

  3. yayyyy~ cute sheva ahahaha
    i miss web teammmmmm ='[

    next time we go out again yaaa with dinaaa hohoho

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