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Happy 26th birthday to me

Today is my 26th birthday.

Thank you a million times to all who has been wishing me, celebrating with me and giving me presents! You all have given me the most memorable birthday ever!

Thanks to all my colleagues who went to the karaoke session.


Thanks to Sophea, Kevin, Peter, Max, Batman, YT, Anggra, Andrew, Nicholas, Jenn Ting and Kah Wai who bought me the present.

I don’t know how Sophea knows about this but I was planning to buy this also! Thank you so much!


Special thanks to Kevin who has given me a really big surprise this year. He designed a blog at and collected all the wishes from all my friends and colleagues and posted them on that blog.

Thanks to everyone who wrote me a message on the blog. I’m very very touched.


Here I repost all the wishes from blogspot.


nothing much i can give you at this critical time, but really hope you like it, even tho not much people contribute, is hard to get everyone to contribute, but hope you like this…

I think this is something worth more than thousand million bucks…

Happy Birthday my dearest bro…

Wish you happy always


Thanks Kevin. You have given me the best present in the whole world. Thank you so much.

Liang & Sheva

Hai Dennis, let us sing a song for u =]

*jeng je jeng jeenngg*

“Happy bdae to uuuuuu~
Happy bdae tooo uuuuuu~
Happy bdaeee
Happy bdaeeeee
Happy bdaeee tooo uuuuuuuuuuuu~uuuu~uu”


Have a wonderful dae bro! I really admire ur blogging skill hehe, never get bored reading ur blog=)
U r the inspiration of my blog=3

All the best for u! Have a gud weekend party>=3

Sheva & Liang

Thanks Sheva & Liang. And thanks for the compliment. I never thought somebody will praise my blogging skill. Thanks.



Thanks Jenn Ting. But next time can draw a more handsome one?


Dear Dennis,

Happy Birthday boy wish you sucess and happy always!

Keep ur sweet smile ya 😀

Thanks Eifa. I will keep smiling!

Nicholas Chu

Happy Birthday Dennis Lee , May all your days fill with joys ~! Money come more more , Lui come more more and Lou Pan love you MORE .

By : Nicholas Chu

Thanks Nicholas. Really hope those wishes will become reality.

Andrew Wong

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments and shining dreams.

Thanks Andrew. Wish you all the best too.

Chun Chow

“Happy ____th Birthday, Dennis!! I don’t know your exact age so i’ll just leave a blank there haha. Been working with you for two months, and I must say, you’re the most keng one around there hehe. Wishing you all the best and like you said, get promotion! 😉

Thanks Chun Chow. It’s 26th birthday. Same age with you right? Most keng one? Wow… that’s a very big hat for me…

KB Lai

hey dude!
HaPpy BiRtHdAY to u man! Hope u happy happy forever n have a Great Year!


Thanks KB. Wish you have a great year ahead too.


hey dennis
happy birthday 2009…one year older, one year wiser…
wish u have a pleasant birthday…
friends 4eva


Thanks Scott. Hope you can grow taller this year. Hahaha…

Jong & Zenn

May your birthday wishes all come true, Even if you have a ton.

Jong & Zenn

Thanks Jong & Zenn. I do have tons of wishes. Hahaha…


happy birthday dennis! wish u have a marvelous years ahead.. enjoy the days.. god speed!!!

Thanks Anggra. Thanks for coming to the karaoke session.

Chun Hoe

Hey, Dennis…

U are getting old after i say this to you! HappY BirthdaY….

Prepare for younger generation to call you uncle ya!
Mr Uncle Dennis…



Thanks Chun Hoe. Since it’s my birthday, I don’t want to say anything bad to you lah uncle Chun Hoe.

Kah Wai

Hey Dennis,

When we look around, especially when it comes to your birthday, don’t be afraid……everybody’s growing old together with you at the same time….hehehe….
Happy Birthday! Hope that all your wishes shall come true and remember to live your life to the max!

Kah Wai

Thanks Kah Wai. Yeah true, everybody is growing older too. Now I feel better. Hahaha…


umm…although i didn’t have time to know you better, uh uh, cause I not “always” at the office,but, man.. you are a nice person and definitely pro at designing website and writing funny, sad and interesting blog post.., 26th wor, it’s a big day, enjoy your birtday and happy happy birthday to you..!!!!

Thanks Richie. Don’t praise me too much I will go crazy. Hahaha… Thanks again.

Peter Yee

To my peanut butter,

Happy birthday and have a successful year 2009!


Thanks Peter Bread. As sweet as always. Do you want a spread? Hahaha… kidding…


I know you will very “kam tong” and very proud, u know, I never write any single testimonial before, and this is my first. Hahaha!
Haw Feng, this is what I use to call him since I know him, more than 10 days years already.
1 of my best buddy, trustable, can share anything with him.
Wish you this coming 26th birthday (Opps, 26th already) “xin xiang shi zhen”, “shen ti jian kang”, bla bla bla
and lastly Happy Birthday!!!

Thanks Okui. Wah, you have given me your first time! Hope our friendship last forever.

Qiao Xin

My dearest Malaysian mate, I wish you all the best for your life and career.
Wish you become Tan Sri and marry a hottest girl in Malaysia, have a football team babies!!!


Stevo!!! Thank you so much. Never thought you would actually send me wishes. Very hardcore wishes though.


Dennis Dearest,

Each year your birthday reminds me that I really wanna say I’m glad I know you.
A birthday is just the first day of 365 days around the sun, so enjoy the trip 😉
May you have as wonderful birthday as you are.



Thanks Sophea. Every year you will give me surprise. Really appreciate that. Love you.


Dear “像风一样的男孩” (AHAHAHAHA! Ahem…),

Happy Birthday Da Suai Ge!!
All the best in your body-building endeavor, and hope you will earn more money in the future, and hope you’ll find your loved one in the near future. 🙂

You’re a very nice person, and I’ll always support you.


Thanks Max. Dear you are also a nice (and milky) person. Hope those wishes come true one day.

Alex Yeo

Dear Dennis,

Happy Happy 26th Birthday Yo! Hope you have a great one on this day. Man, you are still like a young pony and I’m like a Championship winning horse retiring soon (I’m getting older but your boss Pan Sin looks older than meJ). I don’t even remember what I did on my 26th Birthday, I guess drunk at that stage as usual. Birthdays are good for you as you get another extra candle on your cake. Before you blow the candles wish for something good like example big bonuses for the CCC’s staffJ, good health, and many many more (you can be greedy with your birthday wishes every year). Wishing you many happy returns to you and all the best. Take care and Chillla.

Alex Yeo

Thanks Alex. What a funny birthday wish. Hahaha… thanks.

Yeow Thiong

过了这个月的13号, 您又老一岁了, 哈哈哈~

在迈入新的一岁里, 有什么新的愿望啊? 几时带女朋友回来让我们"西西西"同人看一看。。。
其实认识你已经有一年多了,虽然和你话不多, 但却从你身上学到很多无价的知识, 小弟,我早已把你当作我的良师益友了。J
小弟在这祝你身体健康, 鸿运当头,步步高升, 把你"肥的 tauke "给"kan"下来!!! hehe…

生日快乐噢! >.=


Thanks YT. “良师益友” wah… sounds like a big burden. 肥的 tauke 等你来 kan…

Kuan Hau

以我最真诚 心,献上一点祝福语~
还增加了你一份魅力, 一份成熟, 一份智慧~

Thanks Batman. “大恩大德”~ 太夸张了吧!”一份魅力, 一份成熟, 一份智慧”~ I like it.

It has been the most wonderful birthday ever. Once again thank you very much!

I will post more pictures soon. Cheers.


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  1. waaaa what a long post…. anyway… Happy Birthday XD

    p.s. i was thinking to bake something for you but i was exhausted for the whole day…and plus you can have my cake anytime….so nevermind lo hahahah

  2. Pete Pete

    “Thanks Peter Bread. As sweet as always. Do you want a spread? Hahaha… kidding…”

    I know u really mean it, and you want it too… gosh, you make me excited during office hours… Hpmh~

  3. Happy Birthday brother!

  4. max max

    Pete, BEHAVE!

  5. Thanks everyone!!!

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