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Shogun at Sunway Pyramid

Last week, Kevin and I went to Shogun at Sunway Pyramid to celebrate my early birthday.

First time visiting Shogun. Not bad I would say.

Plenty of food varieties and they all taste not bad.

Food bar

But the desserts are less satisfying. Nothing special.

Desert bar

I took a lot of prawns but they were not that fresh.

Ala carte

It’s a Japanese buffet restaurant in case you don’t know. So Sushi is a must.


However, they serve Kimchi as well. Hmmm… fusion…

Oysters and Sashimi. Yummy!

Sashimi and oyster

According to Kevin, the branch at 1U doesn’t serve steamboat. The steamboat is really nice. Loved the soup.


Each of us get one baby lobster with cheese. Tastes very nice.

After we finish, the waiter forgot we already had ours, so he gave us 2 more lobsters. Yay!

Baby lobster

The price was around RM66 per person.

Nowadays, I will be full very easily. For what I had that day, I don’t think it costs that much lor.

I guess part of the price was paid for the joy of seeing so many foods lying before our eyes.

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  1. I have gotta try this…. *drooling
    who’s with me? XD

  2. It’s end of the month… next month first lah…

  3. I have been there and I like it but some food not fresh

  4. googling for shogun. thanks for info.

  5. Hi masjuju, you’re welcome 🙂

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