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Something fishy

Mr. B, who I have not contacted for approximately 5 years suddenly reached me through msn few weeks ago.

He did not ask me how am I doing, but in fact, he kept telling me how successful he is.

He said he is now retired although he is still in his early 30’s. Why? Because his bank account already has seven digits, which then I calculated, it’s call million.

Even if he withdraws three thousand every month, he still can live a luxurious life for years without working.

I was amazed but I did not ask further because I knew he wanted to tell me something. So I purposely did not want to give him the chance.

Few days later, through msn, he showed off to me how rich he is again. This time, I decided to let him say what he wanted to say.

So it seems like he joined the direct selling business. Those that you don’t have to sell any product, but you keep recruiting people with high entrance fee, and when you have certain people under your tree, you will get a very big amount of commission.

I was completely sien diao. It’s not that I don’t believe him, it’s just that I think money must be earned in a proper way. By that I mean through sweat, intellect, or true hard work. There’s no shortcuts in life.

So I ignored him again. Until today, he said something made me jaw-dropping.

Mr. B
come out lar
i belanja u makan bao yu (note: bao yu means abalone)
i spend with u 1 days 1k for eat also no problem

wah dont want lah
we go yum cha can already lah

Mr. B
dunwan lar
yam char at mamak i dunwan
so dirty

then ar… starbucks lor

Mr. B
dunwan lar
so cheap
very sien lar
everyday also lepak
dunno do wat

Seriously, I have no idea what’s his agenda. Is it purely showing off or is he trying to get me into something? Hmmm… I wonder.

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  1. I have a lot friend who go MLM and some succeed in making million as well. So, I was frequently bug by joining those as well. So there’s only 2 ways you have, tell him straight you don’t want and he won’t bug you; 2, keep the situation like now, and eat lots of bao yu from him 😆

  2. block him from MSN XD

  3. Pete Pete

    I dont agree with “…it’s just that I think money must be earned in a proper way. By that I mean through sweat, intellect, or true hard work. There’s no shortcuts in life…”

    Becoming a lamberger it’s means they should die in hell. They didnt cheat or kill people, its what i would call – business. Dont look at the minor. Most of them work hard, some even harder than us to climb up the ladder.

    I always thought lamberger is bad until some of my close friend joined, and i told them, “Dont bring me in your business, or else friend also no need do.” haha. They are nice people la… 🙂

  4. Kevin Kevin

    Starbucks CHEAP!!@!$%@%^#%&$^

  5. @Wong
    Not dare to eat his bao yu lah… dunno what he wants from me later…

    Need to be so obvious meh?

    Maybe I’m not making myself clear enough. I never meant to say that the way they make money is wrong, it’s just that I think making money must be based on real value rather than out of thin air. It’s more sustainable and healthy. Look at how United States abused their monetary system and end up causing the big economic recession.

    I don’t think Starbucks is cheap. In fact, it’s damn expensive! 10 bucks for a cup of coffee! Once in a while ok lah…

  6. daijiaoking daijiaoking

    I don’t think he just wan to showoff… I guess that, he might try to do something on u… b careful…

    But u still can accept the invitation… go eat “bao yu”, eat as much as you can… dun giv him face… & remember to take photo wif him after he pay the bill…. hahaha i wan 2 c his face got DISTORTED or not… hehe

  7. Batman Batman

    I love this kind of ppl… for me those ppl is water fish for me… i sure potong them kao kao one…

    “eat bao yu? is it ah yat one? sure is ah yat one lo.. u so “high class” sure wont go those small place eat bao yu lo, rite?…”

    whole dinner or lunch u just need to do is…

    “oh.. really ah…”

    “geng oh…”


    “waw… i cant belive it…”


    like tat can liao…
    after the dinner or lunch…
    he still him, me still me, he get ntg and i enjoy a nice dinner or lunch.
    wan me to join mlm?
    can…. wash my mind lo~

    this is kind of business…
    he get wat he wan (show off)…
    we get wat we wan(nice dinner or lunch)

    also this is kind of charity…
    listen to our “lonely fren” talking and release their pressure and emotion.

  8. Pete Pete

    Haha… distorted face

    That’s what u meant. I see. Different point of view in making money. Cool, but i still don’t agree. hehe… I would say it’s all about opportunity…

  9. Pete Pete

    haha! MLM in smallcap looks like middle finger!

  10. I will just block him. 😛

  11. Dan Dan

    hahah Bob always being Bob… ignore him and i blocked him since 5 years ago.

    by the way, he should think of how to turn that million to few millions ..

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