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Bubba Gump

It was a great Sunday. Very happy because I managed to buy what I wanted to buy long time ago, I had a very nice dinner at Bubba Gump and I took lots of nice pictures.

And when I exposé them after I finish editing the pictures, my desktop turned into a very nice mood board.

Mood board

Okay back to main topic.

Yesterday, I met up with Max, Ryan and Kevin to go to Ikea. Finally, I managed to buy the pillow cases I wanted to buy long time ago.

Max, Ryan and Kevin

After that we walk around the Curve and did some shopping.

Then we headed to Bubba Gump Shrimp Company for dinner.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

Bubba Gump is a themed restaurant inspired by Forrest Gump the movie.


I think I watched the movie long time ago, but can’t really recall any of the scenes.

I really love the decorations of the restaurant. The entire interior is covered with wood from floor to ceiling.


And there are many little decorations everywhere, where you can find props from the movie like the cloths of young Forrest Gump.


They will explain how the restaurant works to the first-timers.

Every table will have these red and blue metal plates. Flip the plate to the blue one, “Run Forrest Run”, and the waiters will keep running and assume you are transparent.

Run Forrest run

(That’s Max’s middle finger)

If you need them, just flip the plate to the red one, “Stop Forrest Stop”, anyone that sees the red sign will stop at your table and shout “Stop Forrest stop! Yes what can I do for you?”

Stop Forrest stop

Okay let’s talk about the food.

The food was very nice. I ordered the set meal which cost around RM63.

It comes with appetizer salad.


And garlic bread wrapped with newspaper. It’s not real newspaper lah. And the garlic bread tastes very nice.

Garlic bread

There are three choices of main course. I chose the linguini with shrimps. Thumbs up.


And of course the desert, Strawberry Shortcake. Tastes okay.

Strawberry shortcake

And lastly, a cup of coffee to complete the meal. Hmmm… satisfied.


Kevin ordered some kind of shrimp soup with rice. Not very nice.

Shrimp soup

Ah Max ordered the Shrimper’s Heaven, their signature dish.

Shrimper's Heaven side view

We were shocked when it was served because the portion was very big. It comes with four different types of shrimps. Tastes not bad.

Shrimper's Heaven top view

Ah Max ordered the desert Bread Pudding. Tastes not bad as well.

Bread pudding

Our dinner lasted for more than 2 hours. We were really really full after we finish everything.

Good company plus good food equals to great Sunday.

The Street

And lastly, let me show you 2 model shots.

Me in shadow

Model Max

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  1. yeah.. i went b4 oso.. feel tat d concept n food oso not bad…
    nice to try… hehe
    decoration is nice… me oso keep on take pic at thr… hehe

  2. Hi Grace, I totally agree with you.

    Interesting concept, beautiful interior design and nice food.

    Gotta go and try out their cocktails someday.

  3. Seem like it is worth to try on special occasion. I will plan to have dine here with my wife. Thanks for the info.

  4. hihi…. nice to meet u (^_^)
    yayaya… i like d environment much…..
    cocktails ar??? nice kah??

  5. arggggggg how come u all go bubba gump never wait for me T____T u know how much i love seafood T________T

  6. Ryan Ryan

    i should have dumped my family in Kota Damansara and went to dinner with you all. XD

  7. @Ervin
    You should go and try out. It’s a good experience, especially if you are celebrating birthday.

    Cocktails are nice. But I have not try out cocktails at Bubba Gump.

    Hahaha… wait for you to come back. We go Klang to eat seafood!

    Hahaha… next time lor… go try out Sunway’s outlet. I heard its renovation costs 3.5 million.

  8. wah… den i shud go try jor.. hehe (^_^)

  9. Seafood!! Seafood!! Seafood!! Seafood!!

    Let’s go XD

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