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The spirit of 1Malaysia

Last week, I went to the newly expanded IOI Mall to watch a special performance by Sean.

It was special because I think you can only find this in Malaysia.

A musical performance by three musicians from three different races using three different traditional musical instruments.

The band

There was Sean playing the Chinese flute — dizi.

Chinese flute

There was a Malay playing the Bonang.

Malay bonang

And there was an Indian playing the Tabla.

Indian tabla

What is it like when you put 3 musicians from 3 major races in Malaysia to play songs together?

Can’t imagine? Watch the video below of them playing a Chinese folk song. Though the quality is not that good.

“Wah! very creative hor… Got Malay, got Chinese and got Indian… truly 1Malaysia…” said Stranger A.

“Hmmm… never thought that it could work out that well…” said Stranger B.

A kid asked his daddy “why only the Chinese wearing shoes one?” and the daddy didn’t know how to answer his son.

Bravo to the management of IOI Mall to be able to come up with the idea.

But too bad it was in such a rush that all three musicians met for the first time few hours before the performance.

Without  prior practice and rehersal, I would say that they have done a great job.

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  1. This is nice

  2. ops… im staying at puchong but langsung duno having dis performance in IOI.. i miss a good show!!

  3. Se@n Se@n

    hey dude, thanks for complements…
    that day was….soooo closed~~

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