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Sexual harassment

By reading the title “Sexual harassment” you might be wondering what am I going to write.

No, I did not paid to be molested this time, but I had been molested by an uncle in the sauna room today.

Don’t laugh, it’s not funny okay. Do you laugh at your friend is she got raped by some guy? Okay maybe that’s different case. But this, is my case.

I went to the gym as usual but it was slightly late because I had to settle something for my boss. I reach the gym around 8.30 pm and I finish my workout around 10 pm.

So I went into the sauna room after I took a quick and hot shower. The room was empty and it was darker than usual due to one of the light sources were not functioning.

As usual, I like to take off the bath towel and cover my private part with only the hand towel. But of course I always do it in a way that no one can see the important part.

Just as I was enjoying the heat and my sweat started dropping like running water, one uncle seemed to be in his 40’s came in.

The seats in the sauna room forms an L shape. It has two levels, the upper deck and the lower deck. I was sitting at the upper deck at the middle of the L shape. This uncle came in and sit at the opposite of the lower deck at my right hand side.

At his position, his eye sight is at the same level of my… ehem… you know what. I tried to look at him in his face, but he didn’t care and he kept staring at my… you know what.

“Oh no… not again,” I told myself because this is not the first time people stalk at me in the sauna.

He broke the ice by asking “do you want to pour more water?”

I looked at him and said, “It’s ok if you want to, I don’t mind.”

“Oh I was just asking.”


“So how long you’ve been working out at the gym?”

“Around one year.”

“Wah not bad. You can have such a nice body in one year.”

“No lah. There are still a lot to improve.”

“You stay somewhere nearby? Why so late still come to the gym?”

“Yeah, stay somewhere in Puchong. I had something to do that’s why I was late.”

“Oh… you come here alone ar?”

“Yeah, I’m alone. Used to join together with a few friends but now left only me.”

“Hahaha… it’s like that one lah. But if you see your own results you will feel good.”

While he was saying that, he stood up and walk to my left side.

“You have very nice arms,” he said that while squeezing my left arm.

“No lah,” I said.

“No really, you have nice chest too,” he then pressed around my chest. I started to feel weird and uncomfortable.

While I was thinking what should I say or do to stop him, his hand already moved further down to my abdominal, “nice six-pack also, but if you can workout your lower abs, your six-pack would be more obvious.”

Okay this is way too over. It had to stop. But it seemed like he still want to go further down, I quickly use my hand to block my, ehem… you know what, then only he let his hand off me.

“Oh you feel itchy huh.”

I look at him and didn’t say anything.

“I ar… I’m going out to have a drink,” he went out leaving me alone in the sauna.

Without any further hesitation, I quickly grabbed my bath towel and left the sauna room as soon as possible.

Never thought that something like this would happen. My spontaneous reaction database do not have the record for countering this situation.

Now I know. I would know what to do next time.

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  1. …..ehem…..amen~~

  2. Grab, Squeeze and Turn <– Man self defend technique!

  3. @kopiais
    Are you a christian???

    Yeah it sounds just like you… Mr. Geng Ster…

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. max max

    Now you even attracting old uncle liao… nyek nyek!

  6. max max

    I think stranger squeeze arms already weird jor la =.=

  7. ahzenn ahzenn

    oh my god… so geli…

  8. ahjong ahjong

    yiiii~ that ah bek so hamsap one

  9. Se@n Se@n


  10. Dan Dan

    whack that fella !!!

  11. Cornflake Cornflake

    o_O!! So sorry to ffk you that day…

  12. lol…. faster cabut la..

  13. daijiaoking daijiaoking

    Nxt time if he kacau u again, u squeeze his private part & ask him to apologize.

  14. Privee Privee

    I hope i was as strong as you. I was molested when i was 18, the same way you did. And i let it happen 🙁

  15. @Cornflake
    Aiya no worries… I don’t think it will make a difference even if you were there… coz we finish workout at different time…

    Like that become me sexually harass him already lor…

    What? You let it happen until what level? But can’t blame you, you were still young… Not everyone will know what to do the first time… hmmm… sounds weird…

  16. dora dora

    In order not to attract these kind of monster… you hv 2 options.

    Since its man only spa facility, you might as well take off and being naked; or put towel over like after u took a shower. Never never try to be funny cover only private part. I been to china spa b4, there are no door/curtain on each shower rooms. Nothing to be shy about, you have 1, I also have 1.

    Imagine if you see a gal naked on beach without shy or a mad naked gal running around, you will not staring at her. You only will never try to stop peep/stare gals wear sexy.

  17. Privee Privee

    until reach level which is not appropriate to be discussed here. 🙁

  18. Rick Rick

    Been keen on your blog. Thanks 4 posting d articles. But tis wan on sexual harrassment is so funny. U sound like a virgin… it happens all d time at sauna lei. I had more than a few encounters but mayb dun wanna say much publicly haha

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