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Beh kan e lang

Remember the millionaire guy Mr. B who I thought he had something fishy going on?

Well, he texted me again yesterday night. Here’s the message.

Beh kan e lang. I invite u said not free. But at fb u go here go there 2gether with them or u friend.

Beh kan in hokkien means “cannot fuck”; e lang means “the person”. So literally it means “the person who cannot be fucked”. But wait, don’t think on the wrong side. This phrase must be interpreted together with the context. Here, it should mean “the person who cannot be trusted or dependent on”.

Am I a person who cannot be trusted or dependent on?

This is ridiculous.

Not free to go out to eat his abalone, never really contact him after 7 years since diploma times and going here and there with my friends make me a person who cannot be trusted?

Come on lah, I have a life to live. My world doesn’t evolve around him alone. If he thinks that I’m not a sincere friend to him, then let it be. Because I am feeling the same thing too.

It seems like he is just trying to get my attention, but for what reason I have no idea.

Even if he has no bad intention, I’m just too sien to even reply his message.

P/S: I did not “at fb go here go there”. Facebook is a website, I cannot go here and there inside Facebook, I had physically been to many places.

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  1. Dan Dan

    good lord, ask him to grow up and get a life … tell him ttat u are not a abalone person 😛 or why dont u tell him like …”u are not my friend, as we were classmate?”

    luckily i stop every single activities during 1st year with this fella. 😛

  2. Hahaha… ignorant is bliss… I think I should do that too…

  3. haha he so desperate to see you…even text you… just ignore the fella la…

  4. He is like so childish

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