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Best coffee in town

Coffee lovers please take note. The best coffee in town is not Starbucks, Coffee Bean or OldTown.

It’s Espressamente illy, an Italian coffee bar located at Pavilion, KL.

Espressamente illy

Ted went there before and fall in love with their coffee and blogged about it not long ago.

So we decided to visit the coffee bar again on a Sunday afternoon for lunch.

Out of so many choices, I picked the Cappuccino Freddo Greco, iced cappuccino in short.

Cappuccino Freddo Greco

The taste was awesome. Most of the cappuccino I had have very strong milk taste but not this one.

Ted ordered the Caffelatte. Not only it looks beautiful but also tastes lovely with its special coconut milk.


It has a nice dining area with 3 sides of see-through glass walls.

Dining area

We had our lunch there.


I had the Spaghetti Bolognese. Tastes not bad.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Joanne ordered the pasta.


And Ted ordered the chocolate cake.

Chocolate cake

The bill was RM100 for all the food mentioned above.

I think I have to go back again and again to try all the coffee they offer.

Coffee menu

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  1. Ted Ted

    if you ever go back there, please invite me 🙂 I’m fallin in love with that place!

  2. Of coz… we are going back for sure…

  3. Nice man… me too me too..

  4. The best kopi still from Taiping. haha..

  5. Which coffee from Taiping so nice?

  6. Taiping Hawker center, previously yew pin’s stall. You should try it!

  7. war..RM100…if the cappuccino only how much ah ???..want to know if it better than the legendary coffee i make myself …

  8. Around RM12 per cup… the legendary coffee you make yourself??? Wah… next time bring to office lah…

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