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Busiest Monday

It has been the busiest Monday ever. I was on leave and I’ve been driving up and down the whole KL from day till night.

So I thought it would be interesting to map out the routes I took (Puchong — Sunway — Ampang — Wangsa Maju — KL — Puchong). I drove almost 80 km!


Okay, my day started with McD breakfast at Sunway Pyramid to prepare myself for a long day ahead.

McD Breakfast

After I settled most of the things there, I drove all the way to KL to find the Embassy of Japan to submit my scholarship application (will write more about the scholarship soon).

AYF Scholarship application documents

However, Google Maps ruined my plan by giving me wrong direction! I wasted almost 2 hours driving around KL to look for Embassy of Japan.

And the best part was my phone ran out of credit! I can’t call but to wait for someone else to call me and help me to search for directions online.

Luckily Ted called and he helped me to top up my phone before I called Kevin to find out the actual location.

How I wish I had an Internet communication device so that I can search for information online. Sigh…

After I’m done with Embassy of Japan, I drove to immigration office at Wangsa Maju to renew my passport.

I was kind of lost because I’ve never been there before.

How I wish I had a GPS device so that I can get directions on the go. Sigh…

I reached the immigration office at 2 PM and it was like pasar!

Immigration office Wangsa Maju branch

I took my number and almost fainted. There were 68 people before me!


There were 3 rounds of waiting — waiting to submit the form, waiting to pay and waiting to collect. What a nightmare.

I finally got my passport at 5 PM.

I was so bored and how I wish I had an iPod with me so that I can listen to music or even watch videos. Sigh…

I think I really need an Internet communication device, a GPS device and an iPod.

An Internet communication device, a GPS device and an iPod. Are you getting it?

I don’t need 3 separate devices. I need only one device and that’s the iPhone!

After today, I’ve decided to get myself an iPhone and hopefully as a Christmas present for myself.

Okay next stop, dinner. I drove back to KL to find Ted and Joanne for dinner. They brought me to this Kamimura Japanese Restaurant at Menara Weld.

Ted & Joanne

The food was heavenly out of this world. No Japanese food I’ve tried elsewhere come close to this (will blog about Kamimura soon).

So that’s all for the day. Tired of driving and waiting, relieved from the scholarship application and satisfied with superb Japanese food.

Though it was busy but it was a good busy day.

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  1. Kevin Kevin

    iPod + Phone + Internet Communication Device = iPhone !
    haha.. you should post the vid

  2. Waiting is a bitch, waiting in goverment-related office is blood boiling. Wah… JaaaaPan le…

  3. Ted Ted

    It’s worth every effort & trip that you’ve made to ensure the application reaches the japan embassy safely. Kudos to you! 🙂 at least you’re at ease now. Welcome to the club 😉

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