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I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I’ve applied for a scholarship to do a Master Degree in Japan.

It is a scholarship jointly offered by the Japan Foundation and the Japanese Government. It’s called the Asian Youth Fellowship (AYF) programme which aims to nurture human networking among ASEAN countries, Bangladesh and Japan.

The AYF programme consists of 2 parts — a 7-month Japanese language course at Kansai and a 2-year postgraduate study at a Japanese Graduate School.

I have always wanted to do my Master Degree in a foreign country. And when the destination is Japan — which happens to be one of my favourite countries — it has become the ultimate dream to pursue.

When I heard about this scholarship from a friend of mine who is currently doing his postgraduate in Japan as well under another similar programme, without hesitation I told myself this is it.

The timing is just right. I’ve got to do this now. If I wait for a few more years, I will be too old losing the interest already.

However, getting all the necessary documents is already a tough task, at least for me. It wasn’t an easy job filling out the 9-page application form, writing the research proposal, getting all the transcripts certified and getting all the reference letters needed.

AYF Scholarship application documents

I couldn’t believe I’ve actually gone through all the hassle and get all the documents ready before the deadline. Though I’m still a little bit worried if I’ve missed out something.

Nevertheless, application has been submitted and there’s nothing much I could do now except wait.

Result will be out next year March.

Let’s just hope for the best.

Update: The moment of truth.

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  1. Dan Dan

    All the Best Feng 🙂

  2. all the best ^_^

  3. max max

    good luck

  4. Thanks guys…

  5. wow, i didn’t know you are interested in pursuing your studies. I really hope that u will be able to get the scholarship, as it is a very good opportunity. But i have to agree with you that writing a proposal is a pain of ass, i am suffering right now :p


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