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KL Tower

It was Sunday, Sophea, Ted, Joanne and I went for photo shooting at KL Tower. It was my first visit after so many years. It costs RM38 per person without time limit.

Too bad the sky turns dark by the time we got up there. Thus all the pictures look dull and low contrast.

Left: KL Tower; Right: Peak of Petronas Twin Towers.
Left: KL Tower. Right: Petronas Twin Towers as seen from KL Tower.

KL Tower was built in 1983 — the year I was born completed in 1996. It is the 6th tallest freestanding tower in the world (2009).

Sophea listening to the mp4 player explaining the view of window 6.
Sophea listening to the mp4 player explaining the view of window 6.

I searched Wikipedia and found out that tallest towers are categorised separately from tallest buildings. Maybe it’s because towers do not accommodate spaces from top to bottom like how buildings do.

But in overall, KL Tower is the 17th tallest freestanding structure in the world (2009).

Cityscape with Petronas Twin Towers.

Oh by the way, do you know that Petronas Twin Towers were built by Japanese and Korean contractors? Each built 1 tower. So how do you know which one is built by Japanese and which one by Korean?

It’s simple, look for Kinokuniya. The one on top of Kinokuniya is built by the Japanese.

Time Square cityscape.
Cityscape with Time Square.

We waited until 8 PM just to see the 5-minute lighting show.

KL Tower's 5 minutes light show at 8PM.
KL Tower seen in different colours during the 5-minute lighting show.

The lighting show can be seen every Friday, Saturday and Sunday once every hour from 8 PM to 12 midnight. Nothing special I would say. They should project some animation instead.

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  1. Ted Ted

    Nice shot on the city landscape 🙂
    Gotta agree with you that the light show is nothin fabulous about it. Projection of spongebob or mickey on the tower would be awesome 😉

  2. Kent Chan Kent Chan

    Hi! fers comment here. been checking ur blog now and then after u told me las time (very very very long time ago) haha. sorry to mention, but actually the tower is completed only in 1996. u can check over the official website. i remember cos u noe what i study. anyway no offence. jus letting u know. Nice to see ur life publish here. hope to meet soon.

  3. Wah Kent!!! Surprise to see your comment here. Really very very very long time no see. Thanks for pointing out the error, I got that info from Wikipedia. Drop by more often and we should catch up soon.

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