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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Popeyes Louisina Kitchen is a newly open fastfood restaurant at Sunway Pyramid.

Food tray

It serves mainly fried chicken and seafood.

Below is what printed on the leaflet on the food tray above.

From the soulful jazz influence to the Louisiana culture comes a state filled with Southern American charm of wonders, mysteries and pleasures. It was here, in 1972, that a distinctive and delicious taste sensation was born. With its spicy and aromatic Louisiana inspired recipes, Popeyes Chicken and Seafood has since turned into a craze, sweeping across America and the world over. Today you can enjoy our mild or spicy Bonafide chicken and fresh succulent seafood, marinated and hand-battered to perfection, lovingly prepared for up 12 hours to deliver that distinctive Louisiana-style flavour. So sit back and enjoy the good ‘lo taste of Louisiana home cooking the only way Popeyes knows how.

I ordered the spicy fried chicken which I forgot the price.

Fried chicken

I can’t help but to compare Popeyes with KFC.¬†Personally, I think KFC still have the best fried chicken. But, Popeyes’ coslow and mashed potato are much more better than KFC’s.

Worth a try, but the old man still have the best chicken.

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