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KL Contemporary Music Festival 2009

Sean invited me to attend the KL Contemporary Music Festival 2009 at SEGI University Collage, Kota Damansar.


I have not encounter any contemporary music before this until that day. Contemporary music is so different from classical, jazz, new age, rock or pop just to name a few.

Unlike most of the other music genres, contemporary music has no beautiful melodies harmoniously composed. It is harsh in sound, out of harmony, aggressive and expressive.

One moment, all performers play with all their strength all together, until their faces turned red and veins appeared; one moment, all performers stop playing and the hall was pin-drop silence.


Hard to visualise? I know. Well, you can try to imagine having some 3-year-old kids on the stage, give each of them a musical instrument and ask all of them to play at the same time. That’s basically how contemporary music will sound like. Just giving example. No sarcasm intended.

Here’s a video from YouTube where you can listen to how contemporary music sounds like.

Sean told me it was an orchestra from Germany, full of anticipation I was. But when the concert begins, I was like “what is this!? Is it going to be like this throughout the concert?”

Apparently, the answer was yes. It was a concert all about contemporary music with performers from Germany and other countries playing music composed by Malaysian composers.


I couldn’t understand a thing at first until the third or fourth piece was played. When I listen to the music carefully, I have come to understand that contemporary music is not about harmonic melodies.

It’s about the impact, sound effect, speed, body movement and expression combined to bring the composer’s message across.


Imagine sitting in the hall listening to the music for 3 hours, I would say it wasn’t really a pleasant or enjoyable moment.

It is rare to have a chance to listen to live contemporary music performance especially in country like Malaysia whose music industry is just skin deep compare to the western countries.

Although contemporary music is not my cup of tea, but it’s good to have the chance to experience the unseen facet of the music world.

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  1. Ted Ted

    thanks for the info, I’ll try to stay away from contemporary. hehe

  2. ur blogroll… must click to view all ah… then my link nvr appear lo if ppl don click… 🙁 ahahah kidding 😀

  3. dude, clips are ready. I’ll send you the link to download them~

  4. @smashpOp
    Hahaha… initially I was thinking to drop the blogroll thingy for good… maybe you can change your name to ashpOp… kidding…

  5. @Sean
    Cool… then I can update this post with the real thing… thanks…

  6. Michael Asmara Michael Asmara

    Most peoples used to listen something in common, so when there is an alien sounds (even acctually is not an alien) come up then make them sock. Contemporary Art Music is an alternative sounds created for peoples who like to open their mind and listen from other perspective. That is why the festival such like KLCMF should be continued….every years

  7. @Michael
    I agree that contemporary music is an alternative to mainstream music… but those who doesn’t like it doesn’t mean they are closed minded… it’s about personal preference…

  8. max max

    Are you the real Michael Asmara?

  9. Michael Asmara Michael Asmara

    I did say that peoples who doesn’t like a contemporary music is a closed mind peoples. I just said that Contemporary Art Music is an alternative sounds that created for peoples who like to open their mind and listen the sounds from other perspective. Because I know that not all contemporary music are good and not all mass music are bad.
    Imagine if the rest of our live we only eat Dun kin Donut or Kentucky Fried Chicken??? and we do not want to eat something different because we do not know that there are another food we can eat.??

  10. Maybe I misunderstood from your previous comment. After reading your comments for a few times, I think I understand what you wanted to say.

    Contemporary music is not for everyone. It’s for those who like to listen to something different. Is that what you are trying to say?

    Unfortunately, contemporary music didn’t found its place in my heart. Or perhaps I have yet to find those do. Who knows.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Michael.

  11. Michael Asmara Michael Asmara

    It’s just about familiar and unfamiliar…your wellcome

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