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Rafting at Kampar River

Almost one month ago, my friends and I went to white water rafting at Kampar River (Sungai Kampar), Gopeng, Perak.

The journey started really early. Everyone had to gather at Puchong at 6 AM. Then we headed to McD Damansara for breakfast.

Sleepy heads munching on McD breakfast at 7 AM.

After breakfast, we started our 2-hour journey from Kuala Lumpur to Gopeng along the North South Highway.

North South Highway in the morning.

Around 9 AM, we finally reached Gua Tempurung, Gopeng.

Entrance of Gua Tempurung, Gopeng.

We met up with our appointed guide and he gave us a short briefing before we got ourself changed and prepared for the adventure.

After the briefing, everyone had to fill in and sign a form to declare our health condition and indicate that we understand the risks involved.

Sophea filling out the declaration form.

When we were done, 13 of us were “loaded” into a lorry. A lorry! Can you imagine that?!

13 "pigs" are ready for shipment.

On the lorry, we were then “transported” to the actual location to begin our white water rafting adventure. While on the way, we were treated with some spectacular kampung sceneries.

On the lorry going to the starting point.

After 30 minutes, we finally reached a place called My Gopeng Resort where all the rafts and equipments were ready for us to go.

A bridge over the Kampar River at My Gopeng Resort.
Equipping ourself with safety jacket and helmets.
The captain demonstrating safety precautions.

When everything was done, it’s time to start the journey. I swear everybody shouted “OMFG” inside when they saw the river below.

Rapid flow of the Kampar River.

Before we actually started to raft, we had our first activity which is called the body rafting.

Kah Wai was scared to do the body rafting.

The captain explained how to balance in the moving water. Then we had to flow ourself down the river one by one for a short distance.

This is to get ourself familiarise with the rapid condition in case we fell into the water.

Next thing to do is to learn how to listen to the captain’s commands and also paddling techniques.

Learning different commands and paddling techniques.

When everything is done, finally we started our 2-hour/7km long journey.

2-hour/7km of white water rafting journey begins.

We went through many different levels of rapids, big and small. We paddled hard, we got stuck by the rocks, we fell into the water, we swam, we bumped into each other’s raft and most importantly, we had fun.

The journey finished sooner than we thought. It was really an amazing experience.

After we finished rafting, we went back to Gua Tempurung and we were served with Malay delicacies as our lunch (included in our package).

Lunch at the Malay stall at Gua Tempurung.

Although it was a tiring trip, but it was well worth it for the experience we gained.

P/S: More photos on my Facebook album.


I booked my trip with Ivy Holidays. We had a discount, for every 10 people we got 1 person for free. In other words, we paid for 12 people instead of 13.

Company: Ivy Holidays Sdn. Bhd. (KPL/LN:5125)
Address: 470, Jalan Kamunting, 34600 Kamunting, Perak.
Tel: 05-805 2927
Fax : 05-805 2928
Mobile : 012-5555 831
D/L: 05-805 3118
Price: RM150 per person

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  1. XD very exciting…Let’s go again!

  2. i want to go, how much each person?

  3. @Kopi Ais
    Yes it was very exciting! We should try a bigger one next time 🙂

    Definitely must go! It was RM150 per person. Just updated this post with booking details.

  4. Ted Ted

    finally, water rafting post 😀

  5. Yeap… 1 down 4 more to go…

  6. Nice info. Thanks for updating.

  7. wow seronoknya!

  8. @Ervin
    You are definitely welcome 🙂

    Ya… memang seronok!

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