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Hot air balloon

The 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010 was held from 18–21 March 2010 at Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Colourful hot air balloons ready to take off!

I went to the festival with Ted for two consecutive days to take photos. Once on Friday morning and once again on Saturday evening.

We got to know on Friday that only 200 photographers were allowed to enter the guarded area to take photos every session.

So we went there again on Saturday around 4:30 PM to queue up. We waited for almost an hour before they opened the gate for the photographers to go in.

A small portion of photographers in action.

But it was all worth it when we got to take pictures up-close of the crew while they were busy getting the balloons up.

The pilot is blasting fire into the balloon to warm up the air.
Inside one of the balloons shot from the top.
On of the crew closing the top of the balloon once it's filled with air.
Hot air balloon.
More hot air balloons.
Even more hot air balloons.
That's me camwhoring with one of the balloons.

There were fireworks on Saturday night. I have no experience in shooting fireworks before this. So I ended up with only two acceptable pictures.

P/S: More pictures on my Facebook album.

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  1. 這些氣球的顏色真的漂亮絢麗。很溫暖。

  2. wow, nice pics there man !

    ur fireworks turned out nicely too…
    i still can’t forget the moment the fireworks shoot up suddenly while we still discussing about the location to shoot… LoLz !

  3. Thanks!

    Sigh… we should have moved closer to the lake instead of moving away… hahaha…

  4. yalor, closer a bit can take the fireworks and balloons too…

    it’s ok, there’s always…..
    Next Year! :p

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