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Ching Ming Festival

Ching Ming Festival, a day when family members get together and remember the departed ones.

My grandparents' grave.

It is always the biggest family gathering after Chinese New Year.

Uncles, cousins and sister.
Joss papers and flowers as offerings.
As tradition, guys will do the incense offering first follow by girls.

As tradition, burning joss papers and paper offerings never change for so many years.

Burning all joss papers and paper offerings.

But wait, if you can’t change the tradition, then change the things to burn. Let’s burn some LV bags.

Paper LV bags.

Oh wait, it reads WF not LV. Damn, paper offerings also got pirated version!

P/S: More pictures on my Facebook album.

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  1. Ryan Ryan

    We have Louis “Wuitton” for our ancestors. =p

  2. Eh… the pronunciation is almost the same too! Hahaha… do they sell “Plada”?

  3. Ted Ted

    Why no pics of grave? šŸ˜›

  4. The first picture is the grave lor…

  5. Swee Ping Swee Ping

    Because even in the ‘underworld’ there is copyright issues šŸ˜›

  6. Ted Ted

    i meant close up shot, just grave and more graves with the photo of the dead? lol…

  7. @Swee Ping
    Then it doesn’t make much difference up here or down there already… sad…

    Got take, but didn’t want to post. It doesn’t feel right posting those close ups shots on my blog. Hahaha…

  8. chin chin

    any one know when is ching ming this year 2011? Thanks

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