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Life unclogged

My life was messed up last month. And I complained about lots of undone stuffs.

Well, I can now proudly say that the dark age is finally over and daylight has come back to shine on this land once again. Once a shadowed era will soon be gone and there will rise a new empire that will change the history of mankind once and for all.

Kidding. Inspired by Prince of Persia. It was really a good movie.

But things are certainly changing. I’ve actually completed most of the things I complained. Here’s the list of completed things.

  • I’ve thrown away all the expired food in my drawer.
  • I’ve cleaned my room
  • I’ve cleaned the bathroom
  • I’ve imported all the pictures and posted most of them
  • I’ve backed-up my computer
  • I’ve signed-up for the gym (for 30 days) and started my marathon training

I have even started to work on a personal project (no, not freelance, it’s something for myself) which I’m very excited about. I will announce what is it in time when things become more concrete.

Okay you might start asking, “how bout the sink?”

Yes the sink is finally unclogged with the help from my house owner. And also a big thank you to Kevin who actually cleaned the sink so thoroughly now it looks like a brand new mirror.

However, unclogging the sink wasn’t the first thing done. In fact, it was the last thing done.

Well, I guess many of you were right. A clogged sink has nothing to do with how I live my life.

I’m sorry sink I’ve put all the blame on you, it was all my fault. Don’t hate me please, I will use you more often now.

So if it’s not about unclogging the sink, what have I done to unclog my life?

Breaking the comfort zone.

It all started one day when I told myself enough is enough. I forced myself to get out of the room and headed to a nearby community park to have a jog, even though I knew I have less than 20 mins to jog before the sun sets.

It was my first time being at the park. By the time I reached there, it was already 7PM. Trying to catch every single sunlight still available, I ran non-stop for the next 20 mins.

During that short run, I’ve actually seen different people, different sceneries and I almost felt like I was breathing different air. I felt good.

Since then, things started to change and I’ve slowly crossed out items on my list one by one. And not forgetting to mention that exercise and proper rest increase energy level.

Isn’t it our life is the same? We slowly build our comfort zone by doing the same thing over and over again. Sooner or later, we will be bored of what we are doing and eventually life will stop flowing.

When that happens, take some time off and try to do something outside of the comfort zone.

You might see things differently and who knows that would be just the needed force to push through the clogged pipe.

P/S: One more thing, if you ever encounter clogged pipe in the future, and if you tried using drain cleaning solution, plunger or hot water and still not working, try getting a spiral pipe cleaning rod and stick it all the way down and most probably, your problem will be gone.

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  1. finally heh….
    arggg i need to train >_<

  2. Yeap finally… but when I finally fixed something in life, something else started to brake again… sigh… this is just life…

    You should definitely start training now… just so you know we have only 17 days left before the day comes…

  3. Ted Ted

    Well done mate 😉 Now it looks like you’re all set for life and both KL & SG Marathon.

  4. Thanks mate 🙂

    Er… I’m sorry but I’m afraid you have to run the Singapore Marathon alone this time. The registration has closed yesterday 🙁

    I can go there to support you though.

  5. Ted Ted

    registration close? sure not? it’s only June now.

  6. Yalor so fast already full. right? I saw the announcement yesterday.

  7. Ted Ted

    Yeah so sad, now I have to run alone. Damn.

  8. peter peter

    Hey, good to see this post!!! I’m happy for you. =)

    What you say is so true on the comfort zone! That’s why our country move so slow, coz most of the people too comfort with their live and our government pampered them too much with extra benefits.

    Anyway, lets put on turbo for the remaining months of 2010.

  9. Sean Sean

    Yeah!it’s 18th of June, twelve days to go before July started. Dennis, time flies, live our life to the fullest. Cheers!

  10. @Peter
    Thanks Peter. Let’s go full-force for the rest of the year! Where’s your

    Wah… so sien every time someone reminds me time flies so fast. But it’s so true, time’s not gonna wait for anyone. *Changing gear*

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