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Tony Roma’s at Sunway Pyramid

I think it’s been more than a year since I last visited Tony Roma’s. Thanks to Sophea’s birthday I had the chance to revisit the restaurant at Sunway Pyramid again.

The price as we know, is higher than average restaurants out there. Like my friend said to me in Cantonese, “Tony Roma means 汤你老妈 (literally means killing your mother)”.

But of course, you pay for what you get. The food is scrumptiously delicious.

Chicken Tenderloin Platter (RM28.90) served with French fries, coleslaw and honey mustard.

The Chicken Tenderloin is crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. It’s aromatic and full of flavours, a must-try dish.

Grill Codfish (RM39.90) served with tomato pesto salad, broccolis and rice.

Grill Codfish, sweet, tangy and fresh. The thing with seafood is, as long as it is fresh, it will taste good no matter how you do it.

Grill Shrimps and ribs (RM49.90) served with tomato pesto salad, French fries and honey mustard.

However, we didn’t get the same freshness for the shrimps. And the ribs that came together weren’t that tender as well.

But hold your thought, the next dish is going to make it up to everything else.

Ribs and Steak (RM55.90) served with broccolis and baked potato.

The signature world famous barbecue beef ribs and steak are absolutely fantastic! The juicy, tender and sweet beef will just melt once you put the meat into your mouth.

Munching on those delicious beef brings you the satisfaction no words can really describe. If I ever come back again, this will be the reason.

The ribs and steaks are not complete without their signature sauces.

Mary explaining the different signature sauces to us.

They are so proud of their signature sauces they even had to explain to us the taste of different sauces they have (Original, Carolina Honeys, Blue Ridge Smokies and Tony Roma’s Red Hots).

They have some really good ribs and steaks there. If they claim themselves to be the rib experts, I definitely concur.

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