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KL Marathon 2010

This is my third 10km marathon. My previous runs were KL Marathon 2009 and Singapore Marathon 2009.

Jenn Ting, Ted, Sophea and Cheng Lam (the first-timer).

This time, I didn’t manage to catch any sleep the night before the race. Maybe it’s because the 1/2 litre of iced jasmine tea I drank for dinner.

I was rolling on the bed, consciously and wide awake. By the time I took up my phone to check the time, it was already 3AM.

Ok I’m going to skip all the crap. Everything is more or less the same as my previous run in 2009 — Wake up early, go to Dataran Merdeka, warm-up, line-up, count down, bang! and run.

At the starting line ready to run.

Then we keep running and keep running.

Sunlight peaking through the clouds.

3km… 2km… 1km… finally reached the finishing line!

Ted, Sophea, Cheng Lam and Jenn Ting with their Finisher Medals.

And we got our medals. Happy.

Me and my 10KM Finisher Medal.

I finished the race at 1 hour 21 minutes and 43 seconds. Slightly slower than my last year’s result.

This year’s medal is nicer than last year’s. More solid and heavier. The entire event was more organised than the first time.

I’m kind of lazy to write already. I’ll be back again next year Standard Charted KL Marathon 2011.

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  1. Ted Ted

    SG Marathon 2010 have Ekiden Relay category. Hope KL Marathon 2011 will have that and we’ll be joining right right right?

  2. I guess I’ll just stick to 10km… hahaha…

  3. Ted Ted


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