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HK Day 3 – Central

Day 3 was the day we explored Central, their version of KL’s Golden Triangle.

Night view of Central and Tsim Sha Tsui (across the strait) from Victoria Peak.
Day 3 - Exploring Central areas.

Filled with skyscrapers at every single corner, Central is literally the central hub for business, finance, shopping and entertainment.

Bank of China and Lippo Centre.

Yung Kee Restaurant Roast Goose

We had the most famous roast goose in Hong Kong for lunch at Yung Kee Restaurant.

Yung Kee roast goose.

I personally not a big fan of duck or goose. However, the roast goose was so tender and flavourful no roast duck in Malaysia can compare to it. We ordered half a roast goose which cost us HKD 220 and it was just nice for four of us.

Mid-Levels Escalator

After lunch, we explored the city by foot. When we started to walk around, I found out one thing that I never knew even from all the Hong Kong dramas and movies. To my surprise, the entire city was built on top of slopes.

A truck parked by the road side on a slope.

As if walking by foot is not enough, how bout climbing slopes? I bet fitness centres can’t sell in Hong Kong because everybody had enough of daily exercises already.

However, there’s something called technology to help us human to become more lazy. Introducing the Mid-Levels Escalator.

The famous Mid-Levels Escalator at Shelly Street.

The Mid-Levels Escalator is a one-way 800 metres outdoor covered escalator system bringing pedestrians up and down between Central and Mid-Levels.

Although it is a tourist attraction but in fact, it is like any other escalators, just outdoor, covered, period.

Victoria Peak

Next stop, Victoria Peak. When we reached the peak, we realised that the peak is actually accessible by cars and buses. Wasted our time to wait and queue for the Peak Tram.

The Peak Tower at Victoria Peak.

The Peak Tower houses various restaurants and shops including the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

View from Victoria Peak.

Ticket is needed just to go to the Sky Terrace (observation deck) on top of the Peak Tower. However, a package for Peak Tram, Sky Terrace and the Wax Museum can be purchased at a discounted price at the Lower Peak Terminal.

Madame Tussauds Wax Meseum

The wax museum is definitely a must-visit place.

Wax figures of the late Leslie Cheung and Angelina Jolie with Brad Pitt.

There are so many wax figures to look at or make funny poses with.

Tiger Woods staring at my ass.

And we braved ourself to visit the haunted mansion which turned out to be the scariest haunted mansion experience I have ever had.

Lan Kwai Fong

After we came down from Victoria Peak, we went straight to Lan Kwai Fong — the clubbin street in Central.

Lan Kwai Fong.

The difference of clubbin in KL and Hong Kong is, in KL, we club indoor while in Hong Kong, they club outdoor, on the street, with 10 policemen standing at every street corner.

Crowd at Lan Kwai Fong.
Having drinks at the pub.

Well, it was a long and tiring day. We had been walking up down left right in out front back for the whole day.

Although we had just scratched the surface of what the city has to offer, it was quite some experience already.

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  1. clubbing outdoor ?!?! damn cool ! how’s the beer price ? cheaper than Malaysia ?

  2. Beer price ar… hmmm… didn’t pay attention to that, just paid and go :p

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