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StageKL is coming soon

I know my blog hasn’t been updated recently but that’s because I’m busy working on this.

So what is this StageKL thingy?

Well, if you still remember, I’ve mentioned this before in my blog about me starting a personal project and I will announce what is it when the time is right.

And now the time has come.

Proudly present *drums roll* StageKL!

StageKL is a website where you can find all the performing arts events such as musicals, theatres, concerts and dances happening around Kuala Lumpur.

The website is now in final stage of development so stay tuned to because the real thing is coming very soon.

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  1. Joshua Lee Joshua Lee

    Great~! awaiting you

  2. Wow, a new startup project! Nice, good luck with it. 😀

  3. Thanks Joshua, thanks Citrasudiro 🙂

  4. Ted Ted

    finally, a reason for me to countdown to 01.01.2011 🙂

  5. Oh thank you very much Ted, you just announced to the world my secret launching date :p

  6. good, this is good brother. thanks for the project at least i know what’s on the stage now, and where to go

  7. Thanks uner, that’s exactly the reason why I wanted to create this website. Check back regularly ok!

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